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How to Sing Higher Notes – 5 Fast Tips

how to sing higher notes

Are you looking to improve your singing and learn how to sing higher notes? Do you wonder how some people manage to hit really high notes without going out of tune? You have come to the right page. We have here some tips that will help you become a better singer. So, what are you waiting for? Read on and boost your chances of becoming the next singing superstar.

How to Sing Higher Notes

The ability to sing really well is a matter of good training. If you master the technical side of singing, you will slowly sing and sound better. Do not put pressure on your shoulders. Instead, understand the fact that learning how to sing well goes through a process, slowly but surely. There is no rushing. After all, superstar status comes easily to those who are really great. If you come up on stage with an irresistible “greatness” factor, no one could possibly afford to ignore your talent.

A lot of people may not know but the voice is similar to a musical instrument. It is the instrument that is within you. That means, you have to learn to use it properly. You have to develop techniques on how to produce sounds from it. If you will treat it like a fragile violin, you will best understand that training your voice has so much to do with your ability to hit high notes.

Tips and Tricks

Now, here are some specific tips that will especially on how to sing higher notes.

Tip #1: Vocal Warm Ups

Perform vocal warm ups before training. Vocal training is similar to any workout. You have to give that target muscles (this time your vocal chords) warm ups so as not to strain them. Doing warm ups will also help you measure your voice range. Hum your favorite song or move from the lowest to the highest note your voice can reach without cracking and then back. Those two exercises are good for range increase.

Tip #2: Use Your Diaphragm

sing high notes easyUse your diaphragm liberally when breathing. It has been said again and again but we believe proper breath management cannot be stressed enough. When you are training your singing voice, you need to put weight on learning how to breathe from your stomach and not from your chest. Your diaphragm will give you more reserve air than your lungs, which will make it easier for you to control the amount of air that you expel. Working around a bigger reserve will help support and empower your vocal release.

Tip #3: Improve your articulation

Improve your articulation. This is a common problem among singers that is left un-addressed. The problem with articulation can break your performance, whether you are singing low notes or hitting high notes. Exercise your lips, teeth, and tips of the tongue by making them do exaggerated movements as you speak and more so as you sing.

Tip #4: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

use a slow but steady pace when practicing your high notes. Start in mid-range and then practice singing higher and higher every time. It is also ideal that you let your vocal chords hit the scale from bottom upwards and then back again. If you feel any discomfort or pain in your throat, cut your practice time short. You have to ensure that you are not straining your voice as you practice because it can get damaged and hinder you to hit any note at all.

Tip #5: Experiment with Your Vowels

Find your vowel. Singers have a particular vowel that works best for them. You have to find yours. This is called vowel modification. Experimental singing will help give you an idea what vowel (Ah, Eh, Ih, Oh, Oo) works best with your singing voice., Once you determine what vowel is working right for you when singing high notes, practice with it. You will be able to modify towards your vowel as you go higher up the scale.

Your Professional Coach to Learn How to Sing Higher Notes

Singing has its technical side and no one could let you in on that side other than a professional voice coach or teacher. You need to be guided by someone who does not only have the experience but the full knowledge on how to sing higher notes and how one can play around with its strengths.

singoramaIf a physical coach seems too expensive, you may settle down with a learning how to sing product such as Singorama. It does the same thing as a professional voice coach and probably even more without charging you repeatedly. It is a complete package containing modules that will walk you through not just the process of hitting the high notes but also of singing and actually performing live on stage for an audience.

Not everyone is gifted with a singing voice. So if you think you are blessed with one, make sure to hone. Practice, practice, practice. That is really the key towards success not just in hitting the high notes but in obtaining a singing superstar career for yourself.

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7 Tips to Sing With Power and Resonance

How to Sing with Power and Resonance

When you watch singers on TV belting out high notes and then struggle to do it yourself, it can be very frustrating and at times it just seems impossible to do. However, I was able to learn how to sing with power and resonance thanks to these techniques.

7 Tips to Sing With Power and Resonance 

Tip #1 Keep your Throat Relaxed

Don’t squeeze your throat and just keep it relaxed, and at the same time you should perform warm up exercises.

Tip #2 Breath Control

power and resonanceReduce the air flow and try to find your support for your voice instead. When singing powerful tones, you need to find your support but not too much air. Drawing in too much air is one of the most common mistakes made so avoid it.

Tip #3 Balance your Resonance 

You should also learn to manage your resonance and try to redirect it in front of your face. One way to do it is by putting your finger below your nose and try to balance and shift your resonance below and above your finger. When you do this you need to make sure it does not fall in your throat. You can tell where the resonance is by the vibration.

Tip #4 Practice Volume

Chose a pitch you like and softly whine “yay” but keep your tone in place. Now swell the syllable as slowly as you can. After you reach the highest volume slowly bring the volume to the original. Now do the same with the “aa”.

Tip #5 Vocal Warm Ups

Practice doing some vocal warm ups starting at your vocal range’s lower end. Now start singing the “oooh” and slowly modify this to “aah” and raise the notes. You should also learn to sing pentascales, which are the first five notes of any major scale you want up and down.

Tip #6 Learn Your Chords

Learn to sing the root, fifth and third of a chord. When you are doing warm up exercises perform the warm ups in a chromatic manner, that is half a step up. You need to perform these warm up exercises as often as possible.

Tip #7 Hum During Warm Ups

You should also hum during warm ups and try to feel the air as it moves around your face. You know you’re doing it right when you feel the vibrations around your face. If you don’t feel it then you are keeping your voice in your chest. When you do it right you will feel the air around your face and it helps keep vocal cords and throat clear.

While these tips are going to help you get started and help get your voice on the right track it just isn’t enough to harness your full vocal power. I realized this which is why I went online and try to look for some help. I did a lot of research and the one that caught my attention was Singorama by vocal coach and 90’s Australian pop sensation Melanie Alexander.

What is Singorama and how can it Help Me?

Singorama v2.0This is an online vocal training program that aims to teach you how to sing, step by step. The program is divided into several lessons, with apps that help you train your voice. One of the lessons is focused precisely on singing with power and resonance. This module will teach you how to eliminate tensions that affects your resonance, and you will also learn how to project properly and with power.

In addition you will be taught specific vocal exercises to improve your voice. However there are lots more features available and teach you about breath management, singing in high notes and more.

According to Singorama “will help expand your vocal range” and this is echoed by testimonials. Carol Denver of Oklahoma says the “lessons are perfect for improving my voice” and Arnold Gordon says “it improved my pitch and vocal range”. As these reviews show, a lot of people seem to have benefited from this program in many ways.

Advice for Buying Singorama

If you are interested in ordering Singorama I would advise you get a copy from the official website. The entire package complete with lessons, guides, a manual and guidebook, and apps are on sale for only $67. The original price was almost at $300–they’re practically giving it away!

One of the main programs focuses on expanding your vocals, which is exactly what you need as a professional singer. The product comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can get a refund in case you feel that the program is not for you within the first 60 days.


Learning to sing with power and resonance is not easy and it takes time to develop, but Singorama might be able to help. As the reviews and testimonials show, it is a comprehensive and detailed online vocal training system. I also like the fact that the program is aimed at both beginners and those who want to improve singing ability even more, so I recommend it.

7 Vocal Agility Tips For Fast Results

Vocal Agility Training

Maybe you can sing a little but are having trouble expanding your vocal agility, and I can share your frustration as I once there too. However I was able to overcome it by performing vocal exercises like the ones I listed below. While they won’t turn you into a singer overnight, they do help when it comes to vocal enhancements.

7 Vocal Agility Tips

Tip 1: Be Aware of Your Posture

Take the proper posture: stand erect and your feet should be shoulder apart. This posture doesn’t just look good but helps you sing. This will allow you to breathe and sing comfortably provided your chest is up high.

Tip 2: Breath Control for Vocal Agility

Vocal Agility CoachBreathe correctly: don’t breathe in rapid quick bursts as it will affect your performance. This is tied in to tip number 1 as improper posture can affect the way you breathe, so always keep that in mind.

Tip 3: Confidence is King

Sing with confidence: don’t worry about what other people think. Just keep practicing and ignore anyone who says you cannot sing. One way to track your progress is to record your voice and you will notice the improvements that you are making.

Tip 4: Warm Up is Essential

Try different vocal warm up exercises: warm up exercises are very important and how you do them is crucial too. Begin by singing in your middle range then the low and high range and then end in the middle range. Now you just have to repeat it.

Tip 5: Practice Your Vowels

Pronounce those vowels right: pronounce all the vowels at high, low and in-between. You should also learn to sing the first vowel for as long as comfortably possible and then proceed to the second vowel.

Tip 6: Practice Scale

Work on the scales: if pitching is the problem, you need to practice the scale 30 minutes a day. This will fortify your vocal muscles and provide you with the control you need to sing high notes.

The key to practicing scales correctly is knowing your vocal range, as this will make things simpler. For the best result, it is best if you practice every day as it is the only way to develop your vocal range.

Tip 7: Stay Away from Alcohol and Cigarettes – Health Matters

Stay healthy: this is very important. This means avoid smoking as it will damage your lungs and your vocals, and drink lots of water rather than sodas. Stay away from Alcohol. You should also avoid straining when you practice as it might damage your chords.

I can attest to the fact that those tips I mentioned have enhanced my vocal agility but it wasn’t quite enough. Because of this fact I had to go online and look for a program that could help me out. In the course of my research I came across Singorama, a comprehensive one of a kind vocal training program.

What is Singorama and How will it Help my Vocal Agility?

Singorama is a vocal coaching and training solution designed by Melanie Alexander and her team of experts. It is a quick and efficient tool that can teach anyone how to sing like a professional.

In this digital training program you will learn how to improve your vocal agility. Focus on topics such as improving your range, expanding your vocal range. Learn to switch notes and remain on pitch. This in addition to other lessons, apps, and tools bundled in the program.

Singorama for Vocal Agility Training Apart from being comprehensive, the reason why Singorama caught my eye is that many people have testified the program has worked for them. Tony Drake of Mississippi said in a review that “it has changed the way I sing, and given me full confidence”.

The same sentiment was echoed by Denise Thomson who wrote that “Melanie Alexander’s program has expanded my vocal agility” and that “after just a few weeks of practicing I was able to sing in ways that I never thought possible”.

These and many other reviews show that real people from different walks of life have benefited from the program, and is a testament to how well it works.

Advice for Buying Singorama

If you are interested in ordering the entire Singorama package you should order it from their official website. Believe it or not there are those who sell counterfeit and bogus programs trying to imitate what Melanie and her team has produced.

You should also get it now since they have it on sale for only $67. You’re actually saving more than $200 if you take advantage of this discount offer.


After going through Singorama and all of its included tools and applications. I have to say that the modules in the program can be really helpful. While the program is very detailed it’s arranged so that even someone who has no singing background can understand it.

While there are a lot of features in the program, the Singorama team has made sure that anyone can learn how to use it, so I have to give it my full recommendation.

10 Tips on How to Sing Better

How to sing better

Just like everyone else I always had problems with singing; much as I wanted to belt out and sing, but it just seemed like I didn’t have what it takes. However, I was able to turn things around by taking the following steps. These won’t turn you into a singing sensation overnight, but they can help.

How to Sing Better – 10 Fast Tips

Tip 1: Breath Management

Don’t breathe from your lungs, but from your diaphragm: this is necessary so you can control the air being expelled from your body. Proper breath management is vital for developing a good singing voice. While you’re at it, breathe the same amount of air for high and low notes, as it will steady your tone.

Tip 2: Practice Scales

Practice the scales as often as you can: no ifs or buts about this one. The more you practice singing high notes, the easier it will become. Don’t be embarrassed by the sound of your voice; just keep working on it.

Tip 3: Do not Strain Yourself

Avoid vocal strain: take breaks during your training and move at a slow and steady pave. If you’re just starting out, practice no more than an hour a day, and increase the time only when your vocals have adjusted, but avoid straining.

Tip 4: Listen to Criticism

learn to singIf you want to learn how to sing better, then learn to handle constructive criticism: ignore people who say “you suck” and other drivel, but pay attention if the criticism is constructive, take in as a challenge to improve. It might help if you have a knowledgeable friend as you perform your vocal exercises too.

Tip 5: Record Your Progress

Record your voice and note any imperfections: this is the most effective way to keep track of your progress. Keep all your recordings, and you will notice the difference over time. If you would rather practice by yourself, this is the best method that you can use to monitor your improvements.

Tip 6: Get Proper Help on How to Sing Better

Learn from the pros: get in touch with singers and they’ll be happy to tell you how they prepare for an engagement. You can use these tips to jump start your own training. Not all their suggestions may work for you, so just pick the ones that fit your methods.

Tip 7: Health Matters

Eat and drink the right stuff: avoid cigarettes and caffeine, and also reduce your intake of dairy products as it can also dry up your voice. Do not, or limit your alcohol intake, as it is detrimental to your vocal chords. If your vocals don’t seem ready yet, drink some warm tea, as it can warm up your voice and prep it up.

Tip 8: Choose Your Style

Start with just one singing style: country, rock, jazz, R&B etc require distinct singing styles, so you need to keep that in mind. If you want to sing a particularly style, listen to how it is sung. However, you should avoid copying their style entirely; you need to make it your own.

Tip 9: Ask Advice From Pros

Try different singing sounds: this simply means you should try singing in different ways, like high or low voices, until you find the style and range that suits you best. You can ask advice from professional singers and try to incorporate their suggestions into your style. For instance, some sounds like a nasal tone can widen your vocal range if you work on it.

Tip 10: Stay Happy – Stay Positive

Stay positive: nobody is born a great singer, as everyone has to work for it. Just keep practicing and you will learn how to sing better.

While those tips can be useful, they won’t be enough to help you reach your maximum potential as a singer. To achieve that you need a vocal coach. Fortunately you don’t need to hire an expensive trainer, as there are methods online that can help you. I did some research, and one that I found particularly effective is Singorama.

What is Singorama?

Singorama, created by professional vocal coach and 90’s Australian pop sensation Melanie Alexander, is a program designed to develop and enhance your vocal chords. What struck me most about the program is that it doesn’t just use a single pronged method for singing, but a step by step approach to vocal training. Instead of throwing everything at you, Singorama utilizes a building block technique to enhance your voice.

You learn everything from the fundamental nuances of music theory to the very business side of singing professionally on stage.

I checked out reviews of the program, and the majority of them are very positive. says that the Singorama “enhances your voice” and that it “it can expand your vocal range like few vocal training programs can”.

The same sentiment was echoed at myhowtosingbetter on, which states that the program is “designed to improve your singing” and that “for once, a product lives up to its hype”.  At the vocal system has also gotten a thumbs up.

Ken Henderson of Texas says that it only took a week before he noticed “improvements in his voice” and Jody Bonnet of North Hollywood says she now has “better control and tone”. Based on these reviews, it seems that it doesn’t take long to get improvements, and that the program can enhance your vocal range.

Advice for Buyers

If you are interested in buying Singorama, you can get it at their official website. The package is now on sale and they’ve cut the price down to only $67 . Yes, come to think of it, this is already a huge bargain since the package is much cheaper.

The original price is almost $300 and they’re giving out this limited time offer.

All major credit cards are accepted and it also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results, you will get a full refund.


The tips that I mentioned earlier will certainly help you get started on your singing career and improve your voice. But Singorama can help to accelerate this process and the vocal exercises will also help to expand your vocal range quickly, so it’s something I really recommend.

Remember that Singorama is on a limited discount offer. I don’t know when they will put it back to the original price so the sooner you get it the better.

Vocal Warm Up – 7 Quick Tips To Give You The Edge

Vocal Warm Up Tips

If you’re trying to learn how to sing and having trouble getting vocals to work, I can understand your frustration as it has happened to me too. One of the ways to alleviate this situation is by performing vocal warm up exercises, and by practicing these your voice will loosen up and get ready to sing. I have tried many of these methods, and they do work but takes time.

Vocal Warm Up Exercises and Tips

Tip #1 – The Yawn

How to do Vocal WarmupsMake a quiet yawning sound beginning at the limit of your natural vocal range. Now descend slowly to your voice’s bottom range. Repeat this 5 to 7 times. At this point you shouldn’t worry about the form and just focus “warming up” your voice.

Tip #2 – Aaaaaah

Start singing a note in your middle range. Use soft vowel such as “ah”. Sing five notes up and down and repeat this half a step higher and then half step lower. Keep repeating this until your vocals start stretching. Keep doing this throughout the vocal warm up but do not strain your voice.

Tip #3 – Up and Down

Repeat the above exercise, commencing from your middle vocal range. However you should start down the 5 note scale and go up. Sing each scale successively half a step down until you get to the bottom of your vocal range.

Tip #4 – Slowly go Up in your Vocal Warm Up

Work on your bottom vocal range, singing “ah”. Follow this up by singing “ah” at the major scale’s second note. Go back to the first note and repeat until you can jump a whole octave. Repeat this for the vowel sounds.

Tip #5 – Sing a Song

Once you have completed the above exercise, sing a song from start to finish. Pick a song that allows spans a wide vocal range like the Star Spangled Banner. It can be any other song as long as you are able to work on your vocals.

If you’re a new singer, this exercise won’t be easy, but that’s okay as you just need to concentrate on trying to get the vocal range right. It might help to use a tape recorder and take note of the areas where you failed to hit the notes right.

Tip #6 -Limit your Vocal Warm Up

Don’t spend too much time warming up; do it for just a few minutes and then sing. The vocal warm up exercises are important but you also need to make sure you don’t overextend to the point that you have no strength left for singing. One of the most common mistakes I have noticed is that aspiring singers spend too much time warming up and not enough time singing.

Tip #7 – Drink Water

Practice every day and drink lots of water and don’t drink smoothies or soft drinks prior to singing. They are not good for your vocals and may make it worse. In general, thick drinks have to be avoided whenever you want to sing. I also want to say that smoking is not a good idea either as it will damage your lungs.

While these methods are effective, they can take a lot of time, as I said. So I decided to do some research and look for a program that might help. One that I found was the Superior Signing Method.

What is Singorama?

Singorama is an online vocal training system developed by professional vocal trainer and multi-awarded artist Melanie Alexander from the famous band Girlfriend. With Singorama you will learn:

  •  How to do proper vocal warm ups the professional way
  •  How to write your own songs
  •  How to learn a song properly and fast!
  •  Avoid bad singing habits
  •  How to sing and work with a band and all the crew
  •  Get over your anxieties and stage fright

Vocal Warm Up with SingoramaMany of the reviews for the Singorama are very positive. Sarah Criss says that “after trying Singorama for just a few days, I was able to notice the improvements quickly”, while John in Sacramento wrote on the web that he is “really enjoying the lessons” and that it is “money well spent”.

I also read reviews in blogs from other people who used the product like Stan from Kansas, April from Minnesota and also and they all say the same thing that the Singorama delivers.

Based on these and lots of other reviews, it seems to me that many people and potential live on stage performers have benefited and are already benefiting from the Singorama. Based on the reviews, a lot of people have also benefited from performing the vocal warm up exercises and other exercises included in this vocal training package.

Advice for Buying Singorama

If you are interested in getting a copy of Singorama, I would advise you to get in from the official website. You practice your voiceshould get it now because this singing program is on sale! It used to cost almost $300 but now you can get it for a fraction of the cost—only $67! If you do decide to buy, you will also be covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

My Personal Recommendation

After going through the entire program I must say that the Singorama’s vocal warm up and other singing exercises are indeed effective. While it won’t transform you into a singer overnight, it does help especially if you have no idea about music theory. For this reason I give it my full recommendation.

Superior Singing Method vs Singorama

Superior Singing Method vs Singorama

When it comes to systems that improve your singing, the two most popular choices are the Superior Singing Method and Singorama. Because so many claims are being made for both sides, I decided a Superior Singing Method vs Singorama article was in order.

A Look at Superior Singing Method vs Singorama

The Superior Singing Method was created by singing coach Aaron Anastasi. The system is designed for everyone who wants to improve their singing voice, which is by the way the same design for Singorama’s professional vocal coaching system.

Superior Singing Method includes Superior High Notes, Vibrato, Vocal Health and access to their website. The High Notes system includes videos, tips and exercises aimed at developing your ability to sing higher notes.

Singorama on the other hand was designed by 90s pop sensation Melanie Alexander. She and her Australian pop group Girlfriend won numerous awards during the height of their career including gold and platinum albums.

Looking at Credentials

At least now you know that Singorama is the brainchild of someone who has actual credentials to back her claims. The Singorama package includes tools, apps, instructional videos, instructional guides, and other useful tools to help you learn the ins and outs of singing like a professional on stage.

Part of the package is Perfect Your Pitch, a tool for working on your pitch so you would hit every note correctly every single time. It also comes with the Singorama Mini Recording Studio–a virtual recording studio that allows you to record and edit your practice sessions. You also get a metronome app and Jayde Musica Pro, a music theory game. It also teaches you how to read music and recognize notes by just listening to them.

Singorama is actually a step by step approach that starts with the fundamentals of music theory all the way to the business and creative side of singing and performing on stage.

In terms of features alone, Singorama actually offers more value for your more money, and to think that it is now on sale for only $67. The original  price  was  somewhere  around  $300.singorama 5 day course

Benefits of Superior Singing Method and Singorama

In terms of benefits, when we compare Superior Singing Method vs Singorama. It seems Melanie Alexander’s program offers more too. Apart from providing step by step instructions for improving your vocal tone and pitch, you will also learn proper warm up exercises for your vocals. Other benefits of Singorama are improving vocal agility, learning to sing high notes, breath management and more.

By contrast, Superior Singing Method’s benefits are not as comprehensive, as it focuses mainly on perfecting your pitch. Unlike Singorama, you can only experience the benefits of Superior Singing Method if you have basic singing skills.

I am not saying that Superior Singing Method does not work; it does and its modules are really good. But the system has been set up so mostly those with prior knowledge of singing fundamentals, and who have performed at least several times on stage, can get the most benefit from it.

What are People are Saying – Reviews

A quick look at reviews also indicates that many people prefer Singorama. Jordan Upshaw of Tennessee wrote on his blog that the Singorama has “more extensive features”. It has “clear step by step instructions for improving your singing”.

The same sentiment was shared by other reviewers like Lindsay Taylor of Boston. She said that between the two, the Singorama offers more in terms of content. Focusing on things that Superior Singing Method barely touches on like resonance and vocal strengthening.

As I have indicated, Singorama is the more well rounded product of the two. As other reviewers have noted, produces results faster. I have also read reviews on several blogs and websites that say the same thing, that Superior Singing Method just doesn’t offer enough features to justify its price.

Recommendation Superior Singing Method vs Singorama

After comparing the two products, my recommendation goes to the Singorama, as it offers more value for your money. While Superior Singing Method does offer a few tools to improve your voice. It does not go to the level you need to be a professional singer like Singorama does.

Some Disadvantages

Singorama Superior SongwritingThis doesn’t mean that the Singorama is perfect because it isn’t. The program is very intensive and you need to follow the directions exactly to get the results. In other words, it requires discipline and determination.

But Superior Singing Method has far more disadvantages, the instructions are not clearly presented. Its method is also tedious and takes too long to get results.

Advice for Buying Singorama

If you are interested in Singorama, you should purchase it through their official website. As it was stated earlier, this vocal training system is now on sale.

If you’re not just a singer but you also have a knack for writing songs then you can also include the Superior Songwriting package. This separate instructional system teaches you how to create songs and also understand how the song writing business works.

Every purchase you make comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with the product, you will get a full refund.

In addition, Melanie Alexander and her team has done a good job in arranging the system so you progress at a natural pace. They have gone into detail explaining what you should and should not do to prep up your vocals.

Superior Singing Method

If you are longing for a better singing voice, you may have heard of the Superior Singing Method, which seems to be a hit for a lot of people. But does that mean the program will improve your vocals too? Well I did some research about the program which hopefully can help you decide.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method is an online program / course that, according to its creator Aaron Anastasi, will improve anyone’s voice and ability to sing. Anastasi by the way, is a professional vocal instructor with years of teaching experience.

According to the official website, the course is comprised of eight modules:

    • Module 1 – Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises
    • Module 2 – Breath Management and Diaphragm Breathing
    • Module 3 – Mastering Vocal Tone
    • Module 4 – Pitch Exercises
    • Module 5 – Resonance and Singing with Power
    • Module 6 – The Mix Voice and How to Sing Higher Notes
    • Module 7 – Vocal Agility
    • Module 8 – Advanced Vocal Strengthening and Techniques

Two other bonus modules are included:

    • Bonus Module 9 – Performing
    • Bonus Module 10 – Music Marketing

Aside from the modules the course includes 50 HD video lessons, daily vocal exercises and more than 30 advanced workouts for your vocals.

The Benefits of the Superior Singing Method

boxThere are many reasons why this program is becoming popular, not the least of which being the lessons are much simpler to learn compared to standard singing lessons. Since the lessons are on video, you can watch it over and over.

Another reason is that the vocal exercises can be downloaded so you can work on your voice anytime. In addition, the exercises are designed to expand different aspects of your vocals such as the range, resonance, power, control and tone.

The Superior Singing Method has another benefit and that it can teach you how to sing in front of people and develop self confidence, essential if you want to become a professional singer and perform in front of huge crowds. In short, it doesn’t just provide you with information on how to become a skilled singer, but how to conduct yourself a professional performer.

What People are Saying – Reviews

I have checked out many reviews of the Superior Singing Method and the majority of them are very positive. Miss Alba wrote a review at and she superiorhealthsmsaid “there is no singing guide that has made as much of an impact as the Superior Singing Method” and that the lessons are very easy to understand.

Another reviewer at said the following:

“The Superior Singing Method…polishes…your talent irrespective of whether one has had any prior knowledge of music or not.” The reviewer also pointed out that the extra info on its website is “very helpful in learning more about improving one’s vocals.”

These are just some of the reviews of the program, as I’ve read others stating how quickly it helped improve their singing ability. Based on these reviews, many people do find the Superior Singing Method easy to use.

After assessing the reviews, it also became evident that the Superior Singing Method helps people hit higher notes without straining their voice.

Drawbacks of the Course

microphoneWhile a lot of people have found the product useful in improving their voice, it’s not perfect. While the instructions are clear, it requires discipline and determination to succeed. This isn’t a magic trick that will instantly turn you into a world class singer, as you still need to train.

Also, you may need to watch what you eat and get enough sleep. Lack of sleep won’t prevent the Superior Singing Method from working, but plenty of rest will help your voice.

Some Advice for Buyers

superiorhighnotessmIf you are interested in the Superior Singing Method you can get it at the official website. If you order the course now you can get the basic Superior Singing Method for just $97.

I would also advice you against buying from other sites, especially those that will sell it for less. Those are pirated copies with incomplete content, so don’t waste your money and time there.


After much research, I have to say that the Superior Singing Method is an effective program that will bring out your hidden vocal talent. The lessons are very easy to follow and as many reviewers have noted, they’re really comprehensive.

Is it the best vocal coaching system out there? I wouldn’t be too fast to say that. It’s great and it’s affordable too, but considering the downsides and the fact that it can be a bit too technical, I wouldn’t recommend it at the top spot of my list. But it’s one of the really good vocal coaching systems out there.

I recommend that you do some comparison shopping first before committing your time and money.