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Songwriting Ideas for Aspiring Songwriters

It seems unfair at times as some people come up with ideas for literally hundreds of songs, yet you can’t seem to come up with even one. But I would like to reassure you that everyone, including you, can write songs. It’s simply a matter of knowing which ideas can be best used, and take my word for it, there’s plenty. You just need to dig deep in your mind for the best songwriting ideas. With the following tips you should be able to come up with some golden songs.

Write about Your Life Experiences

Eminem became known for the songs he wrote about himself and the things he went through. One of Kanye West’s classic hits, “Through the Wire“, was also about himself. They’re not the only ones who have done this, so why not do it yourself? If you have undergone or undergoing a difficult period, write about it. This might hurt I know, but it’s going to be good since it’s honest and you are emotionally involved.

Songwriting ideas about Love

Now this shouldn’t surprise you now should it? This is the most popular topic for songs of any genre and it’s easy to see why. You can write a song when you’re in love, and express how happy you are. Or you can write a song about how you broke up with your partner, how sad or angry you are.

You don’t have to be in love or out of love to write about it either. Write a song wishing that you weren’t alone and hoping the right person will come along. Another option is to write about a song about yourself or someone who is struggling to choose between two lovers.

Telling Stories and Metaphors

Some of the most memorable songs of all time tell stories. Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” tells the story of the band’s experience when the place they were supposed to record their next album burned down.

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” is about a man who ends up in a strange hotel and is unable to get out. The song “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin and later remade by Ugly Kid Joe, is about a father who never had time for his son.

If you read a book or watched a good movie recently, I suggest you try to write a song about it. If you’re going to compose the song, make sure the melody goes along with the way the story is progressing.

You can also try your hand at using metaphors for your songs, so your song can have hidden or multiple meanings. Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is a metaphor for the quest for spiritual perfection, while Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is about drug addiction. Here are some other songwriting ideas:

  • Songs about the Devil can also refer to the evil inside of men and women.
  • A song about a quest or longing for something (like U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”) can be a longing for love of a person or love of God.
  • A snake can refer to temptation or sex, or betrayal.
  • Songs about cars can also refer to women such as Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” and “Panama” by Van Halen.

songwriting ideas

The Top 5 Songwriting Ideas You Need to Remember

  1. Listen to music and what the lyrics say and you might be able to write a song in response to it. Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom” was written in reaction to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity“, while Romeo Void’s “Girl in Trouble” was in made in response to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean“.
  2. Learn to think outside the box. Don’t constrain yourself to writing just about love songs thinking the public “won’t accept it”. Great rock bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin wrote songs about mysticism and the supernatural as much as human emotions. One of the biggest hits of the 80s, “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls, is about aliens invading the Earth.
  3. Don’t force your idea to come out. They will come and flow if you don’t impose a deadline on yourself to come up with a good idea.
  4. Copyright your lyrics and composition. Save yourself a lot of trouble later on when your song gets picked up by a record company. You might think that playing your song in a small venue isn’t a big deal. But if someone hears and claims credit, you won’t have proof unless you copyright it first.
  5. Learn to play an instrument such as the piano or guitar. A lot of times great song ideas came from strumming the guitar or just sitting in front of the piano.

If you want to write songs about sensitive issues like politics, religion or your feelings towards someone or something specific, go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to be prepared for the response, as some people may not agree with the lyrics of your song.


If you are an aspiring song writer that wants to tell your story through music and the songs that you write then we highly recommend Superior Songwriting. This is a song writing program from the same team that brought you Singorama.

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This is actually a pretty comprehensive song writing system that covers all the bases, such as:

  • All the nitty gritty details about writing and composing songs
  • Step by step guide on how to actually become a professional song writer
  • How to make money out of your song ideas
  • Learn the inner works of both the creative side and the business side of song writing
  • Get a thorough run down of how song writing can earn you a living and support yourself and your family
  • That one fatal song writing mistake that no one should ever make

If you’re an aspiring song writer then the Superior Songwriting System is for you.

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How to Sing High Notes

Can’t find sites to help you sing high notes? I can sympathize with your predicament, as it’s all too common; with enough practice you can learn how to sing, but few of them teach how to sing high notes. But there’s no reason to lose hope, as I’ve compiled some tips to help you get started.

Tips on how to Sing High Notes

sing high notesOne way is to warm up your voice and hum along to your favorite tunes. Don’t choose complex tunes; you’re just warming up so stick to simple ones. I also suggest that during your warm-ups choose songs that will have you sing low and high tones. Hum from your lowest tone to the highest back and forth and you will notice an improvement.

Another tip that I would suggest is to start singing in the middle range and move higher and higher. Keep going as high as you can but not to the point your throat begins to hurt.

Of course you can also hire a vocal coach to help with your training. They can provide the guidance you need, and there are many to choose from, so you won’t be lacking in choices. You may also want to browse the Internet and get some tips there. If you are going to hire a vocal coach, I suggest you spend some time researching their background.

Here are some other tips that I would recommend:

• Learn to breathe correctly, and this means breathing via your diaphragm. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Basically what you need to do is make sure that when inhaling, your belly should arise first to be followed by your chest. Practice this while standing up and singing “ha, ha, ha” a few times.

• Remember to connect the song: what I mean is you should think of the entire song and not just the parts where you have to sing in high notes.

• Don’t strain your voice, because doing so will just make it harder for you to sing later on. And I also want to add you need to work on your vowel pronunciation; nothing sounds worse than singing aloud and mispronouncing the words.

Take it to the Next Level

The tips I pointed above should help you get started when it comes to singing. The other tips that I provided such as hiring a vocal coach and surfing the Internet, will also help. For many, the web has become the most popular option for searching for anything so it can help.

However, these tips and suggestions can only take you so far. These tips are intended mostly for beginners and don’t really teach you how to sing using advanced techniques. I can say the same thing about those free tips you see on the Internet. They just cover the basics and don’t explain the complex concepts. And while there are a lot of articles out there on the web, they can be difficult to follow at times.

Even if you do find videos on the web, they’re often not clear and don’t go into the details, often assuming you already know the facts. What I’ve learned is that many of these free videos and tutorials are made by amateurs so it’s hard to tell if what they’re teaching is accurate or not.

As for hiring a vocal coach, that definitely has benefits and they can certainly teach you a lot about increasing your vocal register. But the problem is they can be quite expensive.

If you really want to learn how to sing high notes consistently and like the pros, you need to use a good vocal training program. There are a lot of these on the Internet, but one that I find really helpful is Melanie Alexander’s Singorama.

And Then Comes Singorama

This is a vocal training program created by Australia’s 90’s pop sensation and vocal coach Melanie Alexander. According to Melanie, this personal vocal coaching program will teach you how to expand your vocal range, improve your pitch, tone, and add power to your voice.

how to sing high notes

You will learn how to reach an entire new octave using the very techniques that Melanie learned as a professional singer. The program also explain how vocal registers work, how to avoid nerves, and a lot more.

I have read several reviews and testimonials, and it does seem to work. According to Marco Giordano, Singorama “was the best present he could have given himself”. Emily Irene said pretty much the same thing and that Singorama has “taken my voice to another level.” I also want to share this review by Mac Cress who wrote “if you are serious abut singing you should get a copy of this program” and that it is suitable “for singers of all levels”.

Jesse Nemitz also gave Singorama 5 stars in his review, saying the program “gave me the tools I needed.” Based on these reviews and testimonials, it seems apparent to me that the program does help. It doesn’t just teach you how to sing high notes but also cover other vital aspects related to singing.

Advice for Buyers

If you want to order a copy of Singorama, I recommend you buy from the official website. From there you get access to the complete package for $67. It’s covered by a six month guarantee so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out. There’s a shipping calculator available so you can determine the cost.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to buy only from the official website or trusted e-commerce sites like Amazon. There are many counterfeit versions out there. Don’t be deceived by those sites that offer Singorama for “free”; those aren’t complete.

The Verdict

I have tried several vocal training programs, but Singorama is simply above the rest. It covers the most important subjects, and I really found the CDs, booklet, and apps spot on. For less only 67 dollars (it’s on sale right now), I have to say that it’s a pretty good investment if you’re serious about singing high notes.


How to Become a Songwriter

Having struggled with songwriting before, I fully understand the predicament you’re going through. Songwriters each have their own way of coming up with lyrics for their songs, and you will too eventually if you want to become a songwriter. But when I was starting out these tips really helped me a lot.

Learn Traditional Song Structure

Traditional songs follow a simple structure: verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge, verse and chorus. Of course you can also add an intro, outro, solos for the guitar or other instruments, but for now just write the lyrics using the basic structure. It doesn’t matter which comes first, the verses or the chorus, just make sure they’re there.

As to where to get ideas for songs:

• I get my ideas everywhere including personal experiences, my views on sociopolitical issues, love, life, death and so on. You can also get ideas from a good movie or book too. Believe me, it’s not that difficult to get ideas and writing them down once you know how songs are structured.

• New songwriters may find it difficult to rhyme words, so I suggest you keep a thesaurus handy to look up alternate words. Or you may want to try those free rhyming dictionaries online. But once you start writing, the right words will come.

Say it with a Twist

If you find yourself writing about falling in love, breaking up, etc. that’s okay, since it’s a theme that everyone can identify with. But to avoid sounding just like everyone else, I suggest you use different words, or even use metaphors. What I’m saying is you should write about it from different perspectives so it will strike a chord with your audience.

But I want to make clear that you shouldn’t feel pressured to write about love alone; you can write about anything you want, as these are your songs.

Keep Writing Simple

Sting once said that he’s having a more difficult time writing good songs since he started analyzing them too much. I totally agree with that, so avoid over analysis. There’s this notion that a song has to be complicated to be good, which is absolutely untrue. The simpler your lyrics are, the easier people will be able to identify with it.

My advice to the budding songwriter, is to keep your songs simple: write around the basic song structure I described earlier, and only add other sections if the song really requires it. Keep in mind that you have heard the lyrics of your song over and over, but your audience will hear it for the first time, so it has to catch them. Simple lyrics and catchy hooks will do this.

There’s one more thing I want to add: try collaborating with others sometime. There are times when it’s easier to write alone, but getting out of your comfort zone can help you produce different and unique songs.

The Top 5 Tips for Writing Better Songs

  1. Don’t try to be perfect – revising songs is okay but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to become a songwriter and improve your songwriting skills over time and not write the perfect song the first time out.
  2. Get feedback – how can you know if your song’s any good if you don’t show it to people? If it’s not good, then you can revise. If they like it, then you know you got it right.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new – are you sick of artists who seem to sing the same tunes repeatedly? Then don’t stick to formula and do something different.
  4. Failure is a part of the process – you only hear about a songwriter’s success, but the truth is all the best songwriters have struggled to write at some point. The only way you can succeed is to learn from your failures and mistakes.
  5. Look at the big picture – as soon as you start writing songs, you’ll know quickly what part needs to be worked on, revised or removed. Don’t waste your time over nitpicking and focus on the part that needs working on.

Don’t forget to take breaks. I’ve had on more than one occasion spent 12 hours straight trying to write a song and I was very disappointed with the results. If a song is taking way too long to write, it’s probably not going to work. Take a break and forget about it for a while, and come back later refreshed.


If you are interested in learning more about the creative side as well as the business side of song writing then you’re in luck. Melanie Alexander’s Singorama team has put together a one of a kind system, that will walk you through the basics of how to become a songwriter all the way to how you are going to make a living out of your passion.

On top of that you also get three bonus tools and materials, which include the following:

  • Rhyme Master Pro
  • Song Writing Creativity pack
  • Mini Recording Studio software

If you’re interested in becoming a songwriter and learn the ins and outs of professional song writing then visit the official Superior Songwriting website. To see all the details click HERE.

How to Make a Song in 24 Hours

I know how frustrating it can be to try and write a song. There are times when it seems you have a great idea but just can’t seem to find the words to express them, and then there are those days when ideas don’t come up at all. I know that it’s not easy, but songwriting is a craft that you can refine and work on.

Just Write the Song

One of the things that I’ve noticed with most aspiring songwriters is they worry too much about whether they’re “doing it right”, whether the song is too long, it doesn’t rhyme enough etc. I suggest you just write the song and don’t try to cram it and worry the song doesn’t get “too long”. Let the idea just flow out of you and worry about the song structure later.

If you can’t think of anything in the past, look for any object in your room and write about it. Don’t think you’re writing a song, and just think that you are exercising your creative ideas. Practice this daily.

Write Down Your Ideas

Think of an experience in the past that had a major impact in your life, such as your wedding, landing your first job, or you can just write about your favorite author, sports team, etc. It could be about a girl or guy, a car, or your feelings right now or the past. You can write about emotions like love or it can be walking along the countryside.

Start writing about the subject, and don’t worry about creating four lines that rhyme. When writing this down, employ all your senses. Don’t worry about the grammar and just think of it as your consciousness expressing itself.

Examine Your Work

Look back over what you have written and assess it. Which part struck you emotionally the most, and which ones didn’t? Don’t judge or ask why, just note down the parts that did affect you and leave out those that didn’t.

Now you can start writing your song. Some songs are composed of vignettes that center on a specific theme. But other songs tell stories. At this point you should already know what type of song it will be.

If the song is a story, write it down. If it’s vignettes, write some short stories that focus on this theme. While these short stories can branch off into different directions, they must at some point return to the central theme.

Now you can put the song together, making sure you add the key points. These will be the central points of the lyrics and will be reflected on the chorus and verses. Add only the pertinent points so it doesn’t get too long.

Tips on How to Make a good Song

Remember the following when writing a song:

• Make sure every verse is related to the song you are writing. The usual song arrangement is the point made at the final line. The first three lines acting as support, providing rhyme and reason. Now you need to start filling in the blanks so to speak.

• Again, be careful not to over write a song. At this point you may find that some rhymes can be repeatedly used, while other verses don’t require verses at all. Don’t force the situation.

• Don’t force the song to conform to the “standards”, or what you hear on the radio. After all, what makes a song great and memorable is the fact that it is unique. Sure your song needs to have verses, a hook and chorus, but make it your own.

• Speaking of chorus, it should center on the song’s focal point. When writing a song, remember that the verses should support and lead up to the chorus. This is the standard form used because it makes the song easier to understand.

Personal Songs are the Best

The best songs I know are personal. It doesn’t just have to be about love, as it can also be about friendship, happiness, spirituality, life, death etc. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as you are expressing yourself in an honest manner.

At this point you may be wondering which is better, writing the lyrics first or tune it up. The choice is really up to you, or rather the song. I’ve written some songs wherein the lyrics came first, and there times when I tune in first.

There are also those instances when I do both at the same time. I also know some people who begin with the melody and then write lyrics that fit it. A good example of this is “Yesterday” where the melody came first.

5 Reminders You Need to Keep In Mind When Making Songs

1. Don’t Attempt to Write to a Hit Song – Don’t write songs that you think will sell a million copies. Just write about subjects and things you care about, and the results will be more interesting and from the heart.

2. Don’t Rhyme for the Sake of Rhyming – It’s far more important that the words make sense. Also, don’t be afraid to use different words and avoid phrases that are overused.

3. Write the Lyrics as Soon as You Can – Song lyrics can pop up anytime so make sure you have a notebook or journal where you can scribble the lyrics. When inspiration strikes, don’t second guess yourself; you can refine the song later. What’s important is you get the basic idea down.

4. Songwriting Software May Help – These programs have a thesaurus, lyrics organizer, references to popular cultural terms and phrases, rhyming suggestions, alternate words and so on. They can make songwriting easier.

5. It Doesn’t Always Have to be About You – Writing songs about how you feel is the norm, but there’s nothing to prevent you from writing about someone else’s feelings about a subject.

I know writing songs may seem difficult now, but the more you write the easier the process will become. The nice thing about songwriting is the results will always be unique since you are different from everyone else.

The Best Approach on How to Write a Song

Now you know what it takes to write a great song. What you have learned so far are part of the basics. Now, the question is: are you interested in learning more? If you love writing songs, would you love to learn how to write songs professionally?

You need to learn everything from the basics all the way through the complicated stuff. And that includes not only the creative side of writing but also the business side of the song writing business. Learn how to turn your song writing talent into a living and there’s no better way to learn how to do that other than Superior Songwriting.

Superior Songwriting is a song writing suite created by the same team that brought you Singorama. Apart from music theory, composition, and instructions on the business side of the song writing business you will also get the following bonus materials:

Rhyme Master Pro – an indispensable rhyming dictionary that also helps you create top not lyrics. You no longer have to grapple with yourself trying to figure out the next lyrics that best suits your songs

• Song Writing Creativity – this is a tool that will help you get over writer’s block. You get writing prompts, practical exercises, and other tools that will help inspire you to come up with ideas for your next song.

• Mini Recording Studio – this is an application that will record your songs and edit your work as you go.

Superior Songwriting also comes with an 8 week double risk free guarantee. If within 8 weeks you are unhappy with your purchase then you can get a refund – no questions asked. On top of that, you even get to keep the bonus material included in the Superior Songwriting package.


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MasterWriter 2.0 Review

masterwriter20-headerHave you ever had the experience of just not finding the right words? I know what it’s like to sit in front of my computer and just can’t think of the right word for the song I’m writing. What makes this even more difficult is there are few songwriting programs available. One that’s been talked about is MasterWriter 2.0, but can it really help with your songwriting? I decided to investigate and this is what I learned.

What is the MasterWriter 2.0?

MasterWriter 2.0 was created by Barry DeVorzon and presented on Brett Manning’s site Singing Success to help songwriters who just can’t seem to find the right word and deal with those “tip of the tongue” moments. DeVorzon’s career has spanned 50 years and he has won Emmy and Grammy awards and written songs for the Eagles, the Carpenters, the SWAT theme, and scores for numerous movies.

With MasterWriter 2.0, all his knowledge and experience have been assembled. Version 2.0 has the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary with 225,000 definitions and 165,000 entries, and it also has the
Merriam-Webster Collegiate Thesaurus with over 340,000 antonyms, synonyms, idioms, contrasted words and more.


MasterWriter 2.0 also has a very useful pop culture dictionary that has more than 10,000 American and world icons, and a Rhyming Dictionary with more than 36,000 rhymed-phrases and more than 100,000 entries. The program also the following:

  • Phrases: a collection of more than 33,000 word combos, idioms, sayings and phrases.
  • Word Families: this feature is a special kind of dictionary that makes it easy to find just the right word or phrase and get the right words to describe your ideas.
  • Parts of a Speech: this is a database of descriptive words with numerous alliterations and filters, making it easier for you to be more precise when it comes to the meaning of your words.

I also like its Songs feature, a place where you can arrange all the data about your songs. There is also a Songuard and Audio page to help manage the creation of your songs.

The Benefits of MasterWriter 2.0

masterwriter20For me the largest benefit of this software is it can really help you find the right words literally. There are really times when you just can’t seem to find the right word to express what you want, and that’s where MasterWriter’s numerous dictionaries really come in handy.

I also find the thesaurus very useful. Sometimes the problem isn’t the lack of words, but finding a substitute. I really find this valuable particularly for those times when you just want to find a different phrase or add a layer of complexity to your songs.

The program itself is very easy to use, so writing and creating projects is straightforward. The auto save feature is great, and the fact that you can look up words in your own projects is a time saver. There’s also an audio recorder so you can pronounce words correctly.

While it does have dictionaries, the emphasis is still on the creative writing process, which is what sets it apart from others.
Most of the features are self explanatory so it won’t take long to master it. Another benefit is that you can get results by simply typing a word, and then just click the rhymes, thesaurus or dictionary to get results.

Reviews of MasterWriter 2.0

David Foster, a songwriter and producer who has been awarded the Grammy 14 times, has this to say:

“MasterWriter will not only help you write great songs, it will make you a better songwriter in the process.”

Foster’s sentiments were echoed by Grammy award winner Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds who says the program “has become necessary for my songwriting…streamlining the creative process…and a great tool for all…songwriters.”

MasterWriter 2.0 is also used by Jim Bessman of Billboard magazine who stated the software has the “vast assemblage of features that will overcome writer’s block.” Other songwriters who use the program are Trent Reznor, Nikki Sixx, LeAnn Rimes, Gwen Stefani, Clint Black and more, and they all say the software helps with the songwriting process.

Some Disadvantages

masterwriter20-backMasterWriter 2.0 is good, But it isn’t perfect. While I find the interface very intuitive, those who are used to reading and using physical dictionaries will need some time to adjust.

I do not feel the program is being updated, so for me it looks quite outdated, especially at the high price tag.

It is kind of too technical especially for beginner song writers. Also, there are so many features here that if you’re not used to using a digital dictionary, it seems too overwhelming.

Another downside to this program is that it is way too expensive. There are other songwriting systems out there that are much more affordable and just as good.

Advice for Buyers

If you are interested in ordering a copy of MasterWriter 2.0 you can get it at the official website. Like I said earlier, this system is a bit too pricey. it costs $189.95. And after you make the payment you will have immediate access to it.

If you still want to buy this, I have to warn you that you should only buy from Singing Success, the official website. There are websites out there that sell counterfeit versions of MasterWriter 2.0. You should also be wary of those sites that let you download this software “free”, as those programs are fake or they may have viruses and malware.


MasterWriter 2.0 is a very good piece of software, and there only a handful of other products like it. The downsides will definitely make you pause and think.

Now, if that happened to you, please allow me to recommend a much more affordable songwriting program that is just as good (and maybe better!) that is definitely easier on the budget.

That song writing platform is called Superior Songwriting. It was created by the same team that brought you Singorama.

Check out the great features of this songwriting system straight from their official website by CLICKING HERE.


Mastering Harmony Review

mastering-harmony-headIf you have ever tried singing in harmony you know how difficult it can be, even with a simple song. Even those with professional training sometimes have difficulty doing it, which is why a lot of people are now using Brett Manning’s Mastering Harmony, and it seems to work for them. But does it really have the goods or just hype? I was curious myself so I decided to review the product and find out the facts.

What is Mastering Harmony?


Mastering Harmony was created by vocal coach Brett Manning from Singing Success and Claude McKnight of the 10 time Grammy winning group Take 6. With this program anyone can train and learn what singing in harmony is all about and how it’s done.

The program consists of one Mastering Harmony DVD and four other CDs which according to Brett Manning are packed with information and instructions for singing in harmony. According to Manning, this is a one of a kind program that teaches everything you need to know about harmonious singing.

The CDs and DVD are filled with dozens of specially designed techniques and exercises as well as secrets and anecdotes about harmonious singing. Mastering Harmony also contains tips from Claude McKnight, and there are very simple lessons to get beginners started.

The first lesson in Mastering Harmony focuses on voice coordination so your vocals will blend harmoniously with another. The program uses a number of innovative techniques so your ear learns how to distinguish different sounds. In addition to this Mastering Harmony teaches you how to coordinate and perfect your tones.

The Benefits of Mastering Harmony

One of the things I like about Mastering Harmony is it uses mp3, mp4 and wmv, so you won’t have any problems finding a program to open and view those files. The instructions are also very clear and easy to follow. Some of the questions that are always asked such as how to hear and sing harmonies are answered here.

I also like the fact that Mastering Harmony teaches you how to find out whether you are singing in alto or tenor range and how background vocals are properly related to melodies. I also like the way Mastering Harmony is structured, starting with some simple lessons so by the time you move on to the next lesson you will be in a better position to handle it.

Mastering Harmony also does a good job explaining basic concepts, and there are several tips provided so you don’t end up singing off pitch and make other common mistakes. I also have to note that Manning makes good use of anecdotes and parables, adding interest to the lessons.

I can’t stress how important the “fun” factor is. With five discs to go through, it’s a good thing Manning keeps things going so people don’t lose interest.

Reviews of Mastering Harmony

Of course I knew that I couldn’t just rely on blurb, so I checked some online reviews. Most of them are actually very positive. The review at singingsolutions states that:

mastering-harmony-back(Mastering Harmony) “takes your singing to the next level…” and that if you are keen on “harmonizing with others then the Singing Success Mastering Harmony: Volume One is definitely for you.” The review also takes due notice of the program’s versatility, pointing out that:

(Mastering Harmony) has “fun and creative voice workouts” and “whether you are a “backup singer… in a choir…or lead vocal…the program will be helpful.”

I also read a review at and it says the DVD and CDs walks you through “voice training exercises…and vocal techniques.” Also, the review says that the instructions “are streamlined” and easy to follow.

Based on these reviews, it became obvious to me that a lot of people have used the program and achieved the desired results. A lot of the reviews also show that people have never had problems using it. What I also find remarkable is that many of these reviewers are totally new to singing in harmony and yet learned the basics quickly.

Some Disadvantages

While I do like Mastering Harmony, and based on reviews, works really well, there are a couple of things you need to understand about it. First the entire program is over 545 MB, so you will need a pretty fast Internet connection to download those files. If you have a good Internet connection though this won’t be a problem.

The other thing I have to point out is that you need to go through the entire Mastering Harmony program. This isn’t something you can skim through and learn to sing harmoniously. In other words, you must be patient and have discipline. Besides those two issues however, there really much about this program to complain about.

Advice for Buyers

If you want to order a copy of Brett Manning’s Mastering Harmony you can go to its official website. It’s available for just $99.95, and it has a 6 month money back guarantee, which is superior to the usual 8 weeks you get from other singing programs. The entire program is available for download and works with both Mac and Windows systems.

Since the entire program is available for download, you don’t have to wait for shipping or worry that the product will arrive damaged.
I have to warn you there are fake versions being peddled in other websites. Stay away from those sites. The versions sold on those sites are incomplete and pirated which is why they are cheaper.


Before I started this review I admit I was somewhat skeptical of Brett Manning’s Mastering Harmony, knowing how difficult singing in harmony can be. But after thoroughly reviewing it I have to admit that’s an outstanding program and does exactly what it says, and Manning does a good job showing you how professionals sing in harmony.

In other words, it’s a great vocal training program so I recommend it. For less than a hundred bucks it’s really quite a bargain.




Superior Songwriting Review – Will it Work for You?

If you’re having trouble writing songs, I can sympathize with you. There’s this great song you have in mind but for some reason you just can’t seem to translate your feelings into words. Not surprisingly numerous songwriting programs have appeared on the Internet, one of the best is indeed Melanie Alexander’s Superior Songwriting. I have tried to make this Superior Songwriting review very detailed, because of the many aspects in the program.

If you’re wondering if this is the real deal or just fluff, maybe I can help you as I’ve reviewed the product, and this is what I found out.

Lets dig in to this Superior Songwriting Review

The Superior Songwriting system was developed by Melanie Alexander and her team so you can learn how to write songs. According to Melanie, this song writing training system includes everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

However, it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge on your part. In addition, the system doesn’t just focus on the creative aspects but the business side as well. According to Melanie, this feature alone makes it different from others in the market. Instead of just focusing on the writing process, you also learn how to market what you wrote.

Aside from the e-book you will also get three bonus programs.

• Bonus 1: Rhyme Master Pro – this is a rhyming dictionary, so if you want to use a particular word but it doesn’t rhyme with your song, type it in Rhyme Master Pro and it will find one that does.

superior songwriting rating

• Bonus 2: Songwriting Creativity – this one is all about unlocking your creativity and getting rid of that creative block. There are practical exercises included here to help you get over the hump and start writing good songs. This bonus covers methods for fleshing out songs and exercises to expand your vocabulary.


• Bonus 3: Singorama Mini Recording Studio Software – this is software that will help you determine how you sound. If you have plans on becoming a singer songwriter, then this software will help. It’s like having your own recording studio at home at the fraction of the cost of more powerful recording programs out there.


Benefits of Superior Songwriting

According to Melanie Alexander, Superior Songwriting will show you how successful songwriters prepare to write their songs, and you will also learn the ins and outs of the business. But there are other benefits too, which include the following:

  • How to capture the essence of a great song idea.
  • You learn how to get over songwriter’s block.
  • You learn how to write songs with confidence.
  • The step by step guide for marketing the songs you wrote is very informative.

There are other benefits that I can point out in this Superior Songwriting review such as how to create melodies, even if you have no idea how to play musical instruments. I also want to point out that the guide for submitting a package to publishing companies is very good. I also like the way it explains networking and why it is necessary.

There are many other benefits that I can mention but there’s one that needs to be mentioned here, and that is Superior Songwriting teaches you how to write songs with others and learn the principles of collaboration.

I also have to say that the e-book is very well written. She has done a great job in making the exercises easy to follow and understand. There are no technical terms here, and anyone can follow them. I admit I knew next to nothing about musical composition, but the instructions were clear even to me.

Other Superior Songwriting Reviews – What are People Saying?

I have read several reviews of the course, and most of them are very positive. Tyler Thomas for instance, wrote in his review that it “helped me write great, original songs” and the program also helped with the marketing.

superior songwriting reviewAnother reviewer at said that “it covers all the vital aspects of songwriting” and is essential for those who “want to write songs for a living”. The reviewer also points out that it is a “solid” e-book with lots of useful information.

As these reviews indicate, a lot of people have used this course successfully. After reading all those reviews, it’s become clear to me that even those who have no knowledge whatsoever about writing songs benefit from it.

Many of the reviewers have also noted how easy the e-book is to read. I have also yet to read any complaints about the website’s service or problems with downloading the book and the bonuses.

Some Disadvantages

While a lot of reviews of Superior Songwriting are positive, there are a couple of drawbacks with the program. Well, they’re not exactly drawbacks, but I want to point out that the songwriting is still going to be up to you. The techniques are demonstrated but you still have to write. You have to put on some elbow grease so to speak.

The second is that it takes some time to learn the program. The basics are easy to pick up but you need to have discipline to go through the whole thing. If you don’t have discipline I’m afraid this isn’t for you.

Advice for Buyers

If you think Superior Songwriting is worth buying, you can order a copy at the official website. The link is at the end of this review. It’s available for $49.95 and comes with a money back guarantee good for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it within that time period and get a full refund.

Not only is there a refund, but you can also keep the bonuses that are included with the main songwriting program. But I would like to warn you to buy only at official website. If you buy at the official site, there’s no shipping cost and you don’t have to worry about the product getting damaged.


I have never been fond of online songwriting programs, because most of them simply don’t work. But as I have pointed out in this Superior Songwriting review, I was floored by Singorama Superior Songwriting because it works as advertised. It uses innovative techniques that unleash your creativity and it’s easy enough for anyone to learn. For these reasons I give it a thumbs up and my full recommendation.

If you want to get a copy or read more information, then click here to go to the official site:

superiorsong writing reviews

Brett Manning – Author of Singing Success

brettmanningOne of the things that you should do when looking for a singing program is the background of its founder. This is necessary of course, as it gives you an idea of how good the program is. There are many great vocal coaches around, and one of the most successful today is Brett Manning. He has worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Wes Hampton and Keith Urban among others, but there’s more to him than that.

Background Information

brett-manningBrett was born in Grants Pass, Oregon on April 27, 1966. His family relocated to Ogden, Utah, and he would spend the majority of childhood there. When Brett was 19 he went to college at Utah University where he would study dance and musical theater. Brett wanted to participate in the theater but quickly realized that he didn’t have the vocal power and range required to land the parts he wanted.

To make up for this, Brett began taking vocal lessons from the local instructors, but he wasn’t making the progress that he wanted. It was at this point that Brett decided to study on his own and discover how the human voice works.

But he didn’t just study on alone, as he also worked closely with some of the best vocal teachers at the time. He learned many facts about vocal theories, and his understanding grew. But rather than just be content with theories, Brett used his new found knowledge to instruct other singers the methods he had learned.

But Brett didn’t just rely on the information he learned, he started formulating his own method. This would eventually lead to the development of his studios and vocal training programs.

After years of studying, researching and creating his own vocal techniques, Manning opened his first studio in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the method he developed the students enrolled in his class saw dramatic improvements in their singing ability. Naturally this boosted his popularity and he would become very much in demand in the region.

Brett Manning Studios and Beyond

The success of Brett’s students inspired him to further his research and study into the human voice. Through his experimentation and research, he came up with other methods that would make it easier for people to learn how to study.

In 1997, Manning and his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and it was here he began teaching some of the best artists today. He not only became more widely known but earned a reputation as one of the best vocal teachers in the world thanks to his ability to find problems in the voice of singers, diagnose the problem and rectify it.

Today Brett continues to teach at the renowned Brett Manning Studios in Nashville. He now works with several highly skilled and certified vocal coaches, all of whom he trained personally. Using the methods he developed, Brett instructs people interested in different music genres.

As testament to his skills and knowledge, Brett has been consulted and done work for record labels such as MCA, Dreamworks, Columbia, Capitol and Sony among others. Brett has also done work with several indie labels and artists.

From his humble beginnings Manning has gone to become one of the most successful vocal coaches in the US. His Brett Manning Studios are very successful and coached award winning artists, but today he is best known for Singing Success, a vocal training program that allows you to learn at home.

What is Singing Success?

singingsuccess3According to Manning, this program will teach you how to become a singer, covering as it does all the vital topics like extending vocal range, improving pitch and tone, and have absolute control of your voice. The package consists of a dozen CDs, an instructional workbook and a tutorial DVD.

Many people have tried the program and seem to have attained success. Jaime Vendera, who wrote “Raise Your Voice” said in his review that “Singing Success is very comprehensive…more so than others I’ve tried…it’s A+.”

His sentiment is also shared by Scott who wrote that program exercises “is very helpful…and the CDs are invaluable.” Other reviewers like Steve Mallardi and Deneyse Ellen Varnsdale also say that Singing Success has helped improve their singing.

I also came across testimonials and other reviews that agree with these assessments. These include Emily Irene who said Singing Success “has taken her voice to another level.” Other reviews that I have read are from Lyndon Barrington Allen who said Singing Success has made singing as easy as talking, and Liz Jackson who said it has helped her a lot in her singing.


After thoroughly reviewing Singing Success, I think it is a program that I like. It’s very comprehensive and covers most topics that aspiring singers need to be aware of. I’ve seen and tried a number of other programs so I have a good base. But for $140, I believe there are better options out there. Check out Singorama for example.

Aaron Anastasi – Author of Superior Singing Method

Numerous vocal coaches have appeared on the scene, but few have captured the eye or interest of the public like Aaron Anastasi. Since he came onto the scene he has gone on to coach thousands of people, helping take their singing to the next level. I also have to say he is best known for his numerous programs that new and seasoned singers are using widely.

Just Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Aaron Anastasi is best known for his Superior Singing Method, but the truth is that he had been singing since he was young. He began by playing the guitar when he was only 13. Even at an early age Aaron began writing songs and showed promise. When he was in high school, Aaron began polishing his writing skills.

His early songs were mostly rock, but Aaron played acoustic and expanded his skills. At the young age of 18, Aaron recorded his first series of original songs, a sign of things to come. Since that time, he has continued to record more songs and released two EPs and full length records.

Aaron has also toured all over the United States and gone to Europe and South America for tours as well. He has also done extensive work in the studio and worked with numerous producers, many of whom are Grammy winners. All the while he was recording songs Aaron was also studying at the Lee University in Tennessee, taking up Bachelor of Arts degree.

Further Studies and Research

He also took a Master’s degree while he was at New Jersey, studying at Princeton. Aaron also studied Theology and the Bible in Tennessee’s Lee University where he also put together his first band. Even while he was studying, Aaron continued to write songs and work on vocal techniques.

It was after his trips to South America, particularly Brazil and Bolivia, that his singing techniques and musical skills were enhanced. One of the reasons why I find Aaron remarkable is that he is just a regular music lover, and that he isn’t a genius or “naturally gifted”. Unlike other vocal coaches out there, Aaron did not have any special music education and learned by practice.

However, this actually works in his favor because it makes it easier for him to reach out to common folk. He actually went through the process so he knows what you are going through.

Aaron Anastasi and Success

Aaron was not content with just studying vocal methods, as he wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others. He began teaching students how to play the guitar, write original songs and how to sing. Just to make sure that his students only learn the best, Aaron is always studying the latest methods and making sure his vocal training is always current.

By updating his methods, Aaron’s students are assured of getting the latest vocal tips. What makes Aaron different is that he practices what he preaches; meaning he only teaches techniques and methods that he actually uses.

While constantly updating his vocal training techniques, Aaron continues to work with Grammy award winning artists and producers. At the same time he continues to play and perform live. The fact that he is a professional singer goes to show that he practices what he preaches.

He has also worked with many artists who have won Emmy awards, and has also done extensive studies on vocal analysis. His work here has also led to his discovery of techniques to make it more powerful. What this means is both he and his students benefit from his vocal training programs. While Aaron has done a lot of remarkable work, he is best known today for the Superior Singing Method.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method is a vocal training program that teaches you step by step how to sing like a pro. According to Aaron Anastasi the program will teach you how to control your vocals, fully develop your pitch, and there are also specific lessons showing step by step how to find your own unique tone. The Superior Signing method will also teach you how to enhance your vocal power and expand your vocal range.

Several reviews and testimonials of the program have been written about it on the Internet and most of them are very positive. According to Sarah Criss she “felt a huge difference and realized that confidence is a big key”. This sentiment is shared by Jeremy McMurray who says “this is a great program” and has led to “improvements in my voice.”

I also read testimonials from Tammy Norris, Phil Brown and Cameron and they all share the same sentiments. Many of them have noted it is easy to use and improvements are experienced in just a matter of weeks. What I really find remarkable is that most of the reviews have come from ordinary people who, prior to using the program, could not even carry a tune.


Check out Singorama before ordering Superior Singing Method, I have to say that Singorama is a truly remarkable product. It doesn’t just cover topics about song theory but shows you step by step how you can improve your singing. The instructions are very easy to follow so it’s ideal for everyone. Singorama is also  a bit more affordable than Superior Singing Method.