Brett Manning – Author of Singing Success

brettmanningOne of the things that you should do when looking for a singing program is the background of its founder. This is necessary of course, as it gives you an idea of how good the program is. There are many great vocal coaches around, and one of the most successful today is Brett Manning. He has worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Wes Hampton and Keith Urban among others, but there’s more to him than that.

Background Information

brett-manningBrett was born in Grants Pass, Oregon on April 27, 1966. His family relocated to Ogden, Utah, and he would spend the majority of childhood there. When Brett was 19 he went to college at Utah University where he would study dance and musical theater. Brett wanted to participate in the theater but quickly realized that he didn’t have the vocal power and range required to land the parts he wanted.

To make up for this, Brett began taking vocal lessons from the local instructors, but he wasn’t making the progress that he wanted. It was at this point that Brett decided to study on his own and discover how the human voice works.

But he didn’t just study on alone, as he also worked closely with some of the best vocal teachers at the time. He learned many facts about vocal theories, and his understanding grew. But rather than just be content with theories, Brett used his new found knowledge to instruct other singers the methods he had learned.

But Brett didn’t just rely on the information he learned, he started formulating his own method. This would eventually lead to the development of his studios and vocal training programs.

After years of studying, researching and creating his own vocal techniques, Manning opened his first studio in Salt Lake City. Thanks to the method he developed the students enrolled in his class saw dramatic improvements in their singing ability. Naturally this boosted his popularity and he would become very much in demand in the region.

Brett Manning Studios and Beyond

The success of Brett’s students inspired him to further his research and study into the human voice. Through his experimentation and research, he came up with other methods that would make it easier for people to learn how to study.

In 1997, Manning and his family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and it was here he began teaching some of the best artists today. He not only became more widely known but earned a reputation as one of the best vocal teachers in the world thanks to his ability to find problems in the voice of singers, diagnose the problem and rectify it.

Today Brett continues to teach at the renowned Brett Manning Studios in Nashville. He now works with several highly skilled and certified vocal coaches, all of whom he trained personally. Using the methods he developed, Brett instructs people interested in different music genres.

As testament to his skills and knowledge, Brett has been consulted and done work for record labels such as MCA, Dreamworks, Columbia, Capitol and Sony among others. Brett has also done work with several indie labels and artists.

From his humble beginnings Manning has gone to become one of the most successful vocal coaches in the US. His Brett Manning Studios are very successful and coached award winning artists, but today he is best known for Singing Success, a vocal training program that allows you to learn at home.

What is Singing Success?

singingsuccess3According to Manning, this program will teach you how to become a singer, covering as it does all the vital topics like extending vocal range, improving pitch and tone, and have absolute control of your voice. The package consists of a dozen CDs, an instructional workbook and a tutorial DVD.

Many people have tried the program and seem to have attained success. Jaime Vendera, who wrote “Raise Your Voice” said in his review that “Singing Success is very comprehensive…more so than others I’ve tried…it’s A+.”

His sentiment is also shared by Scott who wrote that program exercises “is very helpful…and the CDs are invaluable.” Other reviewers like Steve Mallardi and Deneyse Ellen Varnsdale also say that Singing Success has helped improve their singing.

I also came across testimonials and other reviews that agree with these assessments. These include Emily Irene who said Singing Success “has taken her voice to another level.” Other reviews that I have read are from Lyndon Barrington Allen who said Singing Success has made singing as easy as talking, and Liz Jackson who said it has helped her a lot in her singing.


After thoroughly reviewing Singing Success, I think it is a program that I like. It’s very comprehensive and covers most topics that aspiring singers need to be aware of. I’ve seen and tried a number of other programs so I have a good base. But for $140, I believe there are better options out there. Check out Singorama for example.

Aaron Anastasi – Author of Superior Singing Method

Numerous vocal coaches have appeared on the scene, but few have captured the eye or interest of the public like Aaron Anastasi. Since he came onto the scene he has gone on to coach thousands of people, helping take their singing to the next level. I also have to say he is best known for his numerous programs that new and seasoned singers are using widely.

Just Who is Aaron Anastasi?

Aaron Anastasi is best known for his Superior Singing Method, but the truth is that he had been singing since he was young. He began by playing the guitar when he was only 13. Even at an early age Aaron began writing songs and showed promise. When he was in high school, Aaron began polishing his writing skills.

His early songs were mostly rock, but Aaron played acoustic and expanded his skills. At the young age of 18, Aaron recorded his first series of original songs, a sign of things to come. Since that time, he has continued to record more songs and released two EPs and full length records.

Aaron has also toured all over the United States and gone to Europe and South America for tours as well. He has also done extensive work in the studio and worked with numerous producers, many of whom are Grammy winners. All the while he was recording songs Aaron was also studying at the Lee University in Tennessee, taking up Bachelor of Arts degree.

Further Studies and Research

He also took a Master’s degree while he was at New Jersey, studying at Princeton. Aaron also studied Theology and the Bible in Tennessee’s Lee University where he also put together his first band. Even while he was studying, Aaron continued to write songs and work on vocal techniques.

It was after his trips to South America, particularly Brazil and Bolivia, that his singing techniques and musical skills were enhanced. One of the reasons why I find Aaron remarkable is that he is just a regular music lover, and that he isn’t a genius or “naturally gifted”. Unlike other vocal coaches out there, Aaron did not have any special music education and learned by practice.

However, this actually works in his favor because it makes it easier for him to reach out to common folk. He actually went through the process so he knows what you are going through.

Aaron Anastasi and Success

Aaron was not content with just studying vocal methods, as he wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others. He began teaching students how to play the guitar, write original songs and how to sing. Just to make sure that his students only learn the best, Aaron is always studying the latest methods and making sure his vocal training is always current.

By updating his methods, Aaron’s students are assured of getting the latest vocal tips. What makes Aaron different is that he practices what he preaches; meaning he only teaches techniques and methods that he actually uses.

While constantly updating his vocal training techniques, Aaron continues to work with Grammy award winning artists and producers. At the same time he continues to play and perform live. The fact that he is a professional singer goes to show that he practices what he preaches.

He has also worked with many artists who have won Emmy awards, and has also done extensive studies on vocal analysis. His work here has also led to his discovery of techniques to make it more powerful. What this means is both he and his students benefit from his vocal training programs. While Aaron has done a lot of remarkable work, he is best known today for the Superior Singing Method.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method is a vocal training program that teaches you step by step how to sing like a pro. According to Aaron Anastasi the program will teach you how to control your vocals, fully develop your pitch, and there are also specific lessons showing step by step how to find your own unique tone. The Superior Signing method will also teach you how to enhance your vocal power and expand your vocal range.

Several reviews and testimonials of the program have been written about it on the Internet and most of them are very positive. According to Sarah Criss she “felt a huge difference and realized that confidence is a big key”. This sentiment is shared by Jeremy McMurray who says “this is a great program” and has led to “improvements in my voice.”

I also read testimonials from Tammy Norris, Phil Brown and Cameron and they all share the same sentiments. Many of them have noted it is easy to use and improvements are experienced in just a matter of weeks. What I really find remarkable is that most of the reviews have come from ordinary people who, prior to using the program, could not even carry a tune.


Check out Singorama before ordering Superior Singing Method, I have to say that Singorama is a truly remarkable product. It doesn’t just cover topics about song theory but shows you step by step how you can improve your singing. The instructions are very easy to follow so it’s ideal for everyone. Singorama is also  a bit more affordable than Superior Singing Method.