7 Tips on how to Perform on Stage


So you can already sing, but the problem is you get anxious before singing, afraid that you will make a mistake or your voice will crack. You may also feel that you just don’t have that impact or connection with the crowd. But don’t worry since nervousness hits everyone, even the best singers out there.

I used to feel them myself, but these tips helped me out, and in the process enhanced my presence whenever I sing in front of people.

7 Great Tips for Performing on Stage

  1. Learn the song you want to sing until you can sing it from memory. This single tip alone will eliminate a lot of the stress and make you feel more confident.
  2. Make sure you perform some warm up tones prior to going on stage, as this will mentally prepare you for singing. This will also help relax your body. One method you can use is to tense all the muscles in your body and then relax them.
  3. Sing as often as possible; this may sound simple but it is true. The more you sing, the more confident you will be regarding your talent and ability. Doing this will give you the confidence to interact with a crowd no matter where you are.
  4. If you are still feeling nervous, set your sights and attention on someone in the audience (i.e., someone you know) or perhaps just an object. By focusing on it, you will forget about feeling nervous.
  5. Many professional singers perform deep inhalations before they go on stage so that is something you may want to try out as well. This is actually something you should incorporate in your vocal exercises as well.
  6. Some singers like to use visualization wherein they visualize they are singing in the shower, or they are alone, as it has a calming effect. You don’t have to visualize that you are in a shower though as you can just think a place or scene that makes you feel comfortable.
  7. Believe that you can do it. If you have been singing for a while and know that you have the talent, then you will feel more confident about singing in front of a crowd. This fact alone will allow you to sing with power and interact with the audience, gaining rapport quickly.

These tips are quite effective for helping remove some of the performance anxiety and perform well. However, I wanted to look for a better and quicker way to help me not just remove performance anxiety but also how to command the attention of my audience. Over the course of research I came across one online course that could prove helpful, the Superior Singing Method.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

ssmmodule9dvdThe Superior Singing Method is an online course created by well known vocal coach Aaron Anastasi. What caught my eye is that there is a bonus module here (module 9) that teaches you how to get the attention of your audience and avoid tension. At the same time it comes with a host of other features for training your pitch, enhancing vocal range and more.

I was also impressed by the number of testimonials and positive reviews that the program has been getting. Ellie from Washington DC says the product is “very comprehensive and detailed”, while Jason from Kansas says that “Aaron’s program didn’t just remove my nervousness but made me a better overall singer”.

The sentiments of Ellie and Jason are shared by Todd Hodge who wrote in his review that “the Superior Singing Method has the most complete guide for giving you self confidence when singing”. Based on these and other reviews, it seems to me that this program is quite successful when it comes to helping you become comfortable while singing on stage.

Advice for Buying the Superior Singing Method

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the Superior Singing Method, you should only buy at the official website to avoid getting fake or pirated copies. If you’re going to buy, get the deluxe edition as it only cists $77 whereas the basic costs $97. The deluxe edition also comes with bonus programs as well.


Following my extensive review of the Superior Singing Method, I have come to the conclusion that this is a solid online singing course and is as good as having your own vocal training coach. In some ways I think it’s even better since it is cheaper and the lessons are very comprehensive. I also think that Anastasi has done a good job of making the course accessible to everyone, even if you are new to singing.

If you want to know more about the Superior Singing Method and how to deal stage fright and nervousness, you can go to their official website at http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com/.







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