How to Sing High Notes

Can’t find sites to help you sing high notes? I can sympathize with your predicament, as it’s all too common; with enough practice you can learn how to sing, but few of them teach how to sing high notes. But there’s no reason to lose hope, as I’ve compiled some tips to help you get started.

Tips on how to Sing High Notes

sing high notesOne way is to warm up your voice and hum along to your favorite tunes. Don’t choose complex tunes; you’re just warming up so stick to simple ones. I also suggest that during your warm-ups choose songs that will have you sing low and high tones. Hum from your lowest tone to the highest back and forth and you will notice an improvement.

Another tip that I would suggest is to start singing in the middle range and move higher and higher. Keep going as high as you can but not to the point your throat begins to hurt.

Of course you can also hire a vocal coach to help with your training. They can provide the guidance you need, and there are many to choose from, so you won’t be lacking in choices. You may also want to browse the Internet and get some tips there. If you are going to hire a vocal coach, I suggest you spend some time researching their background.

Here are some other tips that I would recommend:

• Learn to breathe correctly, and this means breathing via your diaphragm. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Basically what you need to do is make sure that when inhaling, your belly should arise first to be followed by your chest. Practice this while standing up and singing “ha, ha, ha” a few times.

• Remember to connect the song: what I mean is you should think of the entire song and not just the parts where you have to sing in high notes.

• Don’t strain your voice, because doing so will just make it harder for you to sing later on. And I also want to add you need to work on your vowel pronunciation; nothing sounds worse than singing aloud and mispronouncing the words.

Take it to the Next Level

The tips I pointed above should help you get started when it comes to singing. The other tips that I provided such as hiring a vocal coach and surfing the Internet, will also help. For many, the web has become the most popular option for searching for anything so it can help.

However, these tips and suggestions can only take you so far. These tips are intended mostly for beginners and don’t really teach you how to sing using advanced techniques. I can say the same thing about those free tips you see on the Internet. They just cover the basics and don’t explain the complex concepts. And while there are a lot of articles out there on the web, they can be difficult to follow at times.

Even if you do find videos on the web, they’re often not clear and don’t go into the details, often assuming you already know the facts. What I’ve learned is that many of these free videos and tutorials are made by amateurs so it’s hard to tell if what they’re teaching is accurate or not.

As for hiring a vocal coach, that definitely has benefits and they can certainly teach you a lot about increasing your vocal register. But the problem is they can be quite expensive.

If you really want to learn how to sing high notes consistently and like the pros, you need to use a good vocal training program. There are a lot of these on the Internet, but one that I find really helpful is Melanie Alexander’s Singorama.

And Then Comes Singorama

This is a vocal training program created by Australia’s 90’s pop sensation and vocal coach Melanie Alexander. According to Melanie, this personal vocal coaching program will teach you how to expand your vocal range, improve your pitch, tone, and add power to your voice.

how to sing high notes

You will learn how to reach an entire new octave using the very techniques that Melanie learned as a professional singer. The program also explain how vocal registers work, how to avoid nerves, and a lot more.

I have read several reviews and testimonials, and it does seem to work. According to Marco Giordano, Singorama “was the best present he could have given himself”. Emily Irene said pretty much the same thing and that Singorama has “taken my voice to another level.” I also want to share this review by Mac Cress who wrote “if you are serious abut singing you should get a copy of this program” and that it is suitable “for singers of all levels”.

Jesse Nemitz also gave Singorama 5 stars in his review, saying the program “gave me the tools I needed.” Based on these reviews and testimonials, it seems apparent to me that the program does help. It doesn’t just teach you how to sing high notes but also cover other vital aspects related to singing.

Advice for Buyers

If you want to order a copy of Singorama, I recommend you buy from the official website. From there you get access to the complete package for $67. It’s covered by a six month guarantee so you really have nothing to lose by trying it out. There’s a shipping calculator available so you can determine the cost.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to buy only from the official website or trusted e-commerce sites like Amazon. There are many counterfeit versions out there. Don’t be deceived by those sites that offer Singorama for “free”; those aren’t complete.

The Verdict

I have tried several vocal training programs, but Singorama is simply above the rest. It covers the most important subjects, and I really found the CDs, booklet, and apps spot on. For less only 67 dollars (it’s on sale right now), I have to say that it’s a pretty good investment if you’re serious about singing high notes.


Singorama v2.0

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