Superior Singing Method Testimonials

The Superior Singing Method by Aaron Anastasi is one of the most popular and downloaded vocal training programs on the Internet. If you’ve been researching this program like I have, I’m sure you would have read the testimonials from people who have used this program. I’ve compiled a list of these as it will give you an idea of what the program is about.

What Do the Users Say?

Some of the most insightful testimonials have come from ordinary people who tried the Superior Singing Method, those who aren’t professional singers by any stretch of the imagination.

From Lex Cox:

“Incredible information packed into this… easy to watch and understand videos…The info here is remarkable and everything just suddenly clicked for me. The vocal agility and range building exercises are very effective and have made a big difference for me.”

This testimonial, for me, is very revealing, because it shows how extensive the lessons are. He mentioned the range building and vocal agility exercises, and this is true. The Superior Singing Method shows you how to control your vocals and develop your pitch. Lex also mentioned in his testimonial that Aaron’s videos are easy to watch and understand, as the discs are arranged progressively.

Here’s another interesting testimonial from Ray D:

“This program helped me discover how to get the best tone out of my voice…my pitch improved also…and I’m now able to hit higher notes.”

And another one from Greg Randall:

“I’ve always mumbled when I was asked to sing…because I always off key. But Superior Singing Method has made me more confident in singing.”

Ray and Greg for me are indicative of how well Superior Singing Method works. For instance, Ray said that it helped him find the right tone and how his range increased. His isn’t the only testimonial to say this, as I’ve read many others who say that it only takes a few lessons before they noticed improvements. Ray’s claim that he is now able to sing higher notes is also echoed by other people who have used this program.

Greg Randall’s review is just as insightful because the system does devote several exercises that teach you how to sing on key. I’ve read and tried a lot of vocal training programs myself, but none of them are as comprehensive or easy to follow as this one. There are a lot of advanced techniques covered here, and they’re very detailed. I really have to agree with those testimonials that Aaron has really made lessons easier to understand.

Testimonials Everywhere

Sarah Anderson was among those who tried the Superior Singing Method and it’s evident from her review that she’s very happy about it.
“So many people have told me that they can hear a great voice inside of me but even though they knew it, I never really believed it. After using Superior Singing Method…I noticed a huge difference…Thanks Aaron!”

From John in Sacramento:

“I’m really enjoying these lessons…and I’m getting better every day, and this is money well spent.”

And I want to add this compelling testimonial from Stan:
“Hi Aaron, it’s my first day to use (Superior Singing Method) and I’m getting those high notes, and I’m very excited to complete those lessons.”

Stan’s case is very interesting since it shows how quickly you can get results from the Superior Singing Method. I noted earlier that a lot of people notice improvements in just a few weeks after using the program. But in Stan’s case he got results in just a day, which is really remarkable. Again this goes to show just how quickly you can attain results.

Stan and John also pointed out how affordable the program is. I have to agree with this completely. It’s available for just $97, and not only is this cheaper than traditional vocal lessons, but even other vocal training programs online. I’ve seen some of these online training methods being sold for hundreds of dollars, and yet they don’t teach you anything new.

Superior Singing Method is very comprehensive, with more than 50 video lessons, vocal exercises you’ll need to perform every day and more than 30 exercise audios. It’s not just comprehensive though, but they’re easy to follow. The program certainly has features that professional singers will appreciate, but also for those who can’t carry a tune.

Experiences from Real People

The best way to show how well suited the Superior Singing Method is for everyone is to read the testimonials of people who have tried it out. Javier for instance, was incredulous, asking “What is this black magic? I’ve only used Superior for 2 days and I’m already singing better.”

I would also like to point out this review by June:
“I just completed the first lesson in module one…and I feel great and confident. I can’t wait to complete the rest of the modules.”

This review tells me a number of things, firstly that Aaron’s methods of teaching are enjoyable and will encourage you to keep going. One of the problems I have noted with other singing programs is they tend to be terse, technical or just plain boring. Aaron’s system is different, so you’ll want to keep going.

The testimonial from Jeremy Smith on other hand, shows how well the Superior Signing Method can improve your voice:

“HI Aaron I just noticed that this is a great program…I can’t help but notice my vocals are getting stronger and I’m able to each those high notes.”

Kimberli has this to say:

“Aaron, my voice has grown so much…Depth, clarity, tone, and my vocal range is more powerful now….The breathing and exercises are amazing….my throat is stronger now.”

Kmiberli’s testimonial shows the Superior Singing Method won’t just help improve your voice but also strengthen your voice and also prevent straining from occurring.

What these Superior Singing Method testimonials is that the program really works. It’s not just all hype and actually helps you learn how to sing. And considering that the price is just $97, it’s way more affordable than a traditional vocal lessons.

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