Superior Singing Method vs Singorama

Superior Singing Method

When it comes to systems that improve your singing, the two most popular choices are the Superior Singing Method and Singorama. Because so many claims are being made for both sides, I decided to investigate the two and compared their features, and here is what I found out.

A Look at Superior Singing Method and Singorama

The Superior Singing Method was created by famous singing coach Aaron Anastasi. The system is designed for everyone who wants to improve their singing voice.

Besides the Superior Singing Method system, the package includes Superior High Notes, Vibrato, Vocal Health and access to their website where you will get more tips and advice on how to be a professional singer. The High Notes system, Anastasi says, includes videos, tips and exercises aimed at developing your ability to sing high notes.

Singorama includes Perfect Your Pitch, a tool for working on your pitch, the Singorama Mini Recording Studio, a metronome application and Jayde Musica Pro, a music theory game. It also teaches you how to read music and recognize notes by just listening to them

In terms of features alone, Superior Singing Method offers more value more money, and to think that Singorama costs $99 while Superior Singing is priced at $77

Benefits of Superior Singing Method and Singorama

In terms of benefits, Anastasi’s program offers more too. Apart from providing step by step instructions for improving your vocal tone and pitch, you will also learn proper warm up exercises for your vocals, which is really a necessity. Other benefits of the Superior Singing system are improving vocal agility, learning to sing high notes, breath management and more.

By contrast, the Singorama benefits are not as comprehensive, as it focuses mainly on perfecting your pitch. Unlike the Superior Singing System, you can only experience on Singorama if you have basic singing skills.

I am not saying that Singorama does not work; it does and its metronome software is really good. But the system and the way the instructions have been set up mean only those with knowledge of singing fundamentals can benefit from it.

What are People are Saying – Reviews

A quick look at reviews also indicates that many people prefer the Superior Signing method over Singorama. Jordan Upshaw of Tennessee wrote on his blog that the Superior Singing Method has “more extensive features” and it has “clear step by step instructions for improving your singing”.

The same sentiment was shared by other reviewers like Lindsay Taylor of Boston, who said that between the two, the Superior Singing Method offers more in terms of content, focusing on things that “Singorama barely touches on like resonance and vocal strengthening”.

As I have indicated, the Superior Singing Method is the more well rounded product of the two and as other reviewers have noted, produces results more quickly. I have also read reviews on several blogs and websites that say the same thing, that Singorama just doesn’t offer enough features to justify its price.


After comparing the two products, my recommendation goes to the Superior Singing Method, as it offers more value for your money. While Singorama does offer a few tools to improve your voice, it does not go to the level you need to be a professional singer like the Superior Singing Method does.

Some Disadvantages

superior high notesThis doesn’t mean that the Superior Singing Method is perfect because it isn’t. The program is very intensive and you need to follow the directions exactly to get the results. In other words, it requires discipline and determination.

But Singorama has far more disadvantages, not least being the instructions are not clearly presented. In addition, some of the information found on its two e-books can be found elsewhere on the Internet for free. Its method is also tedious and takes too long to see results.

Advice for Buying Superior Singing Method

If you are interested in the Superior Singing Method, you can get it at their official website. The basic product costs $97, while the Deluxe package costs less at $77, saving $197 from the regular price.
The basic product includes the Superior Singing Method while the Deluxe package includes the rest such as the Superior Vocal Health, Vibrato and the other guides.

You will also get free 30 day VIP access to Vocal Coaching Club. All of these are available with the Deluxe package. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the product, you will get a full refund.

In addition, Anastasi has done a good job in arranging the system so you progress at a natural pace. Unlike Singorama, Anastasi also goes into detail explaining what you should and should not do to prep up your vocals.

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