Tips for Winning Songwriting Competitions

You’ve finally written a song and you know it’s good. So why not enter a songwriting competition and see how you stack up against other songwriters? Don’t worry it isn’t as hard as you might Song Writingthink, and as long as you follow these guides, you should do just fine. I know how difficult it is for someone joining for the first time, but there’s really nothing to it.

Write a Catchy Hook

A catchy hook or chorus is essential; judges of songwriting competitions listen to thousands of songs so make yours stand out with a memorable hook or chorus. Even if they don’t remember anything else about your song, the hook will remain in their heads and increase your chances of winning.

Good Verses are Essential

But I have to say that it takes more than a good hook to elevate a good song into a great one. It must have memorable melodic verses. Rather than just wait for the hook, good verses will make people want to listen to the entire song. Conversely, flat verses might turn people off and make them not wait for the hook anymore. I know some songs like these, and they are not a good listen.

How to Write Songs for Competitions

Here are other tips that I want to share with you:

• Make the intro short or do away with it altogether. This is necessary if you want to write commercial and radio friendly songs, as listeners want to get to the “meat” of it. Of course if the song isn’t commercial, then you can write a long intro for it.

• Get to the hook as quickly as possible. Don’t force it, but you don’t want to keep people waiting for the hook. This is especially true for country and rap songs, where the hook or chorus come up very quickly.

• You should also tell a story or a topic that will captivate them. You can tell a personal story, or narrate a fictitious one, or you can use metaphors for the song. It really doesn’t matter as long as the story has a beginning and conclusion.

Come Up with Unique Ideas

song writing ideasThink about songs like “Stan” by Eminem, or “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. Each is unique and with distinct themes and ideas. If possible, avoid overusing phrases like “I love you”, “you break my heart”, “baby don’t go” etc. if you keep using those lyrics it will show your lack of originality and may give the impression that you can’t write anything new.

Aside from a unique idea, you should have a good chord progression, one that listeners can easily remember. And don’t hesitate to shift gears with the melodic lines so that it stands out before the hook or chorus pops up.

Top 5 Tips for Winning in a Songwriting Competition

1. Follow the rules – This might seem obvious but I know some who don’t follow the rules and insist doing things their own way. If you’re going to join a competition, follow the rules.

2. Don’t play safe – Don’t stick with the same formula. The reason you’re joining a competition is to see what sets you apart from others, so don’t copy their style and be bold and inventive within the rules.

3. Don’t give up – If you don’t win in the competition, that doesn’t mean you or your entry wasn’t any good. All you need to do is look at those TV singing shows to see that the most successful ones aren’t necessarily the winners.

4. Learn from the experience – Songwriting competitions present you with an opportunity to hone your craft. It forces you to step out of your comfort zone and overcome whatever shyness you feel about showing off your work. If you want to become a successful songwriter, you must learn to feel comfortable about letting others listen to your work.

5. Look at the Big Picture – While songwriting competitions are important, it’s not the end all and be all. Win or lose, joining is a valuable experience but it’s just one step in your quest to be a professional songwriter. One day you will look back and realize how much those competitions helped you, so think long term.

Remember that songwriting competitions are judged by listeners, and these are the people who will buy your creations. Don’t take criticism of your work too hard, and use that to write better and more powerful songs.


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You will learn how and when to get to the hook as fast as possible, make a short but catchy intro, and also compose a story that your listeners can relate to. The song will sound great since you already have all the basics covered.

So, What About Song Writing?

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Songwriting Software

It’s true there are still those who prefer to write songs the old fashioned way using pen and paper and music instruments. But I like to use songwriting software as it has made the craft of writing and composing so much easier. If you have been shying away from it, well you shouldn’t as it allows you to do a number of things. I used to shy away from them too but once I got used to it, it became indispensable.

What Songwriting Software Can Do for You

First of all these programs make it a breeze for me to edit, play back, print and hear music sheets. I can save these files and experiment with them as much as I like. You can save these files in mp3 format and copy it to an mp3 player. Isn’t that a more convenient way to assess your work and check which elements need working on?

Another benefit with songwriting software is they make editing so easy. My program allows me to adjust pitches by drag and drop and transposing keys. You can also type chords and its corresponding fret shows up. You can also use these programs to generate different drum grooves.

What Features to Look for

songwriting softwareToday’s songwriting software come with many features, but the most important are the following, for me at least.

• It must have the ability to print sheet music and create it.

• The software must allow you to share music easily and save your music in mp3 format.

• You should be allowed to experiment with melodies. The ability to add multiple verses and import and export abilities are also necessary.

• I also like songwriting software that lets me arrange my song in different ways and use different tempo.

Types of Music Software Available

Music software is not limited to just songwriting. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and there are many out there. These include educational music applications which teach how to play instruments. There are also digital recording software, digital editing, computer synthesizers, and media players and so on.

But if you’re just starting out and want to focus on songwriting software, then just look for one with the features I mentioned earlier. Also, the program should make it easy to write music as if you are using a word processor. A songwriting program that makes it easy to prepare and edit a song with the right notions is also essential.

Other Features

Some of these applications even allow you to create orchestras, and even if you don’t create on that scale yet, having this capacity may come in handy. Many of them also have OCR for scanning scores. But if you are going to record your music, then you’ll need more than a simple songwriting application but must also have the ability to record your composition.

If you’re into music editing besides songwriting, then editing software will be necessary. These applications have a lot of features such as fade in, fade out, mixing, adding special effects, and more. You can splice sections from different songs and cut and paste. This isn’t for everyone though, so if you’re just into writing songs, you don’t need this.

5 Essential Tips for Buying Songwriting Software

1. Don’t scrimp – if you want to write songs for a living and will be using computer software, and then get the best program you can afford.

2. The software must be easy to use – Look for songwriting computer applications that are easy to use. All the power in the world will be useless if you cannot comprehend it.

3. Read reviews online – Shopping for songwriting software is no different from buying other items online. Read reviews to see which ones people like and those that they don’t.

4. Check different stores – Don’t just look in the official website. It might be cheaper in other stores so have a look around.

5. Don’t be afraid of technology – Technology can work wonders for your songwriting. It takes some getting used to but if you go online you will see a lot of professional songwriters who have been using these programs for years and benefited.

If you have been writing songs in the past without using computer software, it’s understandable why you may be hesitant to use songwriting software. But really the amount of time you put in to research them will pay off.

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Recording studio software

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How to Write a Love Song

“Love songs last longer than lovers often do” or so does one popular love song line stated. I cannot say whether that statement is true or false. What I know for sure is that love songs can linger into music fans’ memories, period.

If you are quite envious of those songwriters who are able to make a strong impression or a kind of popularity that could last a lifetime, you have come to the right page. I will give you ideas, even a step-by-step guide on how to write a love song. I’m not talking about just any other love song but a love song that couples from all over the world could find attractive to use as their anthem.

Pick your Inspiration

The heart and soul of a love song? The melody and the lyrics. You have to think both through. Make sure they come out a perfect mix – pleasing to the ears and soothing to the soul.

Writing a love song takes some inspiration. It does not always follow, however, that you must be in love at the moment you are composing the song. What matters is that you have a good enough source of inspiration for blowing love lines here and there. Some knowledge about love, some experience about being in love, and a lot of insights how love happen are very important.

Yes, you guessed right. The lyrics are really very important. It has so much bearing as to how the final product comes out. You still have to think about the harmony, the melody, and the rhythm but you need to make serious preparations for writing the lyrics.

How to Write a Love Song with Feelings

Generally, you have got to make sense when writing lyrics for a song. This rule of thumb could not be stressed enough when you are writing for a love song specifically. You have to communicate feelings into words and as people hear your declarations, your words should kindle feelings in return.

Love songs are about feelings: Feelings that breed words and lyrics that generate feelings. Don’t worry, once you understand how a love song must be composed and how to write from the heart, you will be able to grasp this idea more effectively.

It is also an important thing to remember not to veer away from “love”. Love is not about anger or disappointment or dominance or hang-ups. When you write a love song, make sure this is clear to you.

How-to Guide

If your idea of what a love song is clear now, you can start writing your masterpiece using this simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Think about the one you love – how he/she is, how he/she makes you feel, and how it feels to be with him/her. Forget about harmony or melody or rhythm first. At the start, you simply have to focus on the one you love or the person you are writing the song for and about. Use not the mind but your heart. You will have the time to edit your work later. Very important: put your thoughts in black and white; write them in paper.

Step 2: Pick the key words. Key words are those words that capture your emotions, your feelings, your thoughts towards the one you love and that special moment between you two that you are writing about.

Step 3: This is the part where you are actually writing the lyrics. Using the key words and their appropriate substitutes, try to create rhymes. You can use a special tool that will help you hit upon words that sound good together. Then again, you do not always have to aim for rhymes. You can have lines that do not rhyme together but communicate your thought best. This is where your poetic talent and creativity in writing should come in.

Step 4: Create a beat in mind. Creating a melody could happen first but this could also come forth when the lyrics are already laid out. It depends on what sparks your inspiration the best way. Born songwriters develop a melody spontaneously. If you are not among the lucky ones, you can seek help from tools that will help you record the beats in your mind, play them over and over, so you can find sense out of them afterwards.

Step 5: Combine the lyrics with your melody. See how they work together. After some time, you have to let your mind to rest. Don’t work up yourself too much because that could cause you to burn bridges. Instead, let your ideas rest. When your mind is freshened up, listen to what you have come up. With a different perspective, you will be able to see what you did right, what you did wrong, and what else you can improve.

Writing a Love Song: 5 Secrets to Success

Now that you already have a framework of how you can come up with your own love song, I’d like to make sure you took everything to heart. So I prepared five top tips that you should keep in mind and in your heart if you want to be a success in this.

  1. Don’t be afraid about going crazy over your loved one and by writing your love song.
  2. Pour your heart out. A heartfelt song can only be created if the songwriter is able to put emotion into the lyrics and feelings into the melody.
  3. Make sure you sound better by editing your song – from the narrative of your lyrics to the melody mix. Listen to your recording over and over again. As you keep hearing what you have created, you will always find a way to perk it up.
  4. Practice. The more you do this, the more you will get the hang of it. You do not always have to expect that when you write, a love song will come of it. You can just practice your writing skills, your rhyming, your melody and afterwards, it will become much easier for you to come up with something that makes sense.
  5. Have fun.

It does not take an expert songwriter to write a love song. All that you really need is “heart”.

The Shortcut to Perfection:

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Songwriting Ideas for Aspiring Songwriters

It seems unfair at times as some people come up with ideas for literally hundreds of songs, yet you can’t seem to come up with even one. But I would like to reassure you that everyone, including you, can write songs. It’s simply a matter of knowing which ideas can be best used, and take my word for it, there’s plenty. You just need to dig deep in your mind for the best songwriting ideas. With the following tips you should be able to come up with some golden songs.

Write about Your Life Experiences

Eminem became known for the songs he wrote about himself and the things he went through. One of Kanye West’s classic hits, “Through the Wire“, was also about himself. They’re not the only ones who have done this, so why not do it yourself? If you have undergone or undergoing a difficult period, write about it. This might hurt I know, but it’s going to be good since it’s honest and you are emotionally involved.

Songwriting ideas about Love

Now this shouldn’t surprise you now should it? This is the most popular topic for songs of any genre and it’s easy to see why. You can write a song when you’re in love, and express how happy you are. Or you can write a song about how you broke up with your partner, how sad or angry you are.

You don’t have to be in love or out of love to write about it either. Write a song wishing that you weren’t alone and hoping the right person will come along. Another option is to write about a song about yourself or someone who is struggling to choose between two lovers.

Telling Stories and Metaphors

Some of the most memorable songs of all time tell stories. Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” tells the story of the band’s experience when the place they were supposed to record their next album burned down.

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” is about a man who ends up in a strange hotel and is unable to get out. The song “Cats in the Cradle” by Harry Chapin and later remade by Ugly Kid Joe, is about a father who never had time for his son.

If you read a book or watched a good movie recently, I suggest you try to write a song about it. If you’re going to compose the song, make sure the melody goes along with the way the story is progressing.

You can also try your hand at using metaphors for your songs, so your song can have hidden or multiple meanings. Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” is a metaphor for the quest for spiritual perfection, while Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” is about drug addiction. Here are some other songwriting ideas:

  • Songs about the Devil can also refer to the evil inside of men and women.
  • A song about a quest or longing for something (like U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”) can be a longing for love of a person or love of God.
  • A snake can refer to temptation or sex, or betrayal.
  • Songs about cars can also refer to women such as Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” and “Panama” by Van Halen.

songwriting ideas

The Top 5 Songwriting Ideas You Need to Remember

  1. Listen to music and what the lyrics say and you might be able to write a song in response to it. Peter Schilling’s “Major Tom” was written in reaction to David Bowie’s “Space Oddity“, while Romeo Void’s “Girl in Trouble” was in made in response to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean“.
  2. Learn to think outside the box. Don’t constrain yourself to writing just about love songs thinking the public “won’t accept it”. Great rock bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin wrote songs about mysticism and the supernatural as much as human emotions. One of the biggest hits of the 80s, “I Ran” by A Flock of Seagulls, is about aliens invading the Earth.
  3. Don’t force your idea to come out. They will come and flow if you don’t impose a deadline on yourself to come up with a good idea.
  4. Copyright your lyrics and composition. Save yourself a lot of trouble later on when your song gets picked up by a record company. You might think that playing your song in a small venue isn’t a big deal. But if someone hears and claims credit, you won’t have proof unless you copyright it first.
  5. Learn to play an instrument such as the piano or guitar. A lot of times great song ideas came from strumming the guitar or just sitting in front of the piano.

If you want to write songs about sensitive issues like politics, religion or your feelings towards someone or something specific, go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, you need to be prepared for the response, as some people may not agree with the lyrics of your song.


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songwriting ideas

How to Become a Songwriter

Having struggled with songwriting before, I fully understand the predicament you’re going through. Songwriters each have their own way of coming up with lyrics for their songs, and you will too eventually if you want to become a songwriter. But when I was starting out these tips really helped me a lot.

Learn Traditional Song Structure

Traditional songs follow a simple structure: verse 1, verse 2, chorus, bridge, verse and chorus. Of course you can also add an intro, outro, solos for the guitar or other instruments, but for now just write the lyrics using the basic structure. It doesn’t matter which comes first, the verses or the chorus, just make sure they’re there.

As to where to get ideas for songs:

• I get my ideas everywhere including personal experiences, my views on sociopolitical issues, love, life, death and so on. You can also get ideas from a good movie or book too. Believe me, it’s not that difficult to get ideas and writing them down once you know how songs are structured.

• New songwriters may find it difficult to rhyme words, so I suggest you keep a thesaurus handy to look up alternate words. Or you may want to try those free rhyming dictionaries online. But once you start writing, the right words will come.

Say it with a Twist

If you find yourself writing about falling in love, breaking up, etc. that’s okay, since it’s a theme that everyone can identify with. But to avoid sounding just like everyone else, I suggest you use different words, or even use metaphors. What I’m saying is you should write about it from different perspectives so it will strike a chord with your audience.

But I want to make clear that you shouldn’t feel pressured to write about love alone; you can write about anything you want, as these are your songs.

Keep Writing Simple

Sting once said that he’s having a more difficult time writing good songs since he started analyzing them too much. I totally agree with that, so avoid over analysis. There’s this notion that a song has to be complicated to be good, which is absolutely untrue. The simpler your lyrics are, the easier people will be able to identify with it.

My advice to the budding songwriter, is to keep your songs simple: write around the basic song structure I described earlier, and only add other sections if the song really requires it. Keep in mind that you have heard the lyrics of your song over and over, but your audience will hear it for the first time, so it has to catch them. Simple lyrics and catchy hooks will do this.

There’s one more thing I want to add: try collaborating with others sometime. There are times when it’s easier to write alone, but getting out of your comfort zone can help you produce different and unique songs.

The Top 5 Tips for Writing Better Songs

  1. Don’t try to be perfect – revising songs is okay but don’t overdo it. Your goal is to become a songwriter and improve your songwriting skills over time and not write the perfect song the first time out.
  2. Get feedback – how can you know if your song’s any good if you don’t show it to people? If it’s not good, then you can revise. If they like it, then you know you got it right.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try something new – are you sick of artists who seem to sing the same tunes repeatedly? Then don’t stick to formula and do something different.
  4. Failure is a part of the process – you only hear about a songwriter’s success, but the truth is all the best songwriters have struggled to write at some point. The only way you can succeed is to learn from your failures and mistakes.
  5. Look at the big picture – as soon as you start writing songs, you’ll know quickly what part needs to be worked on, revised or removed. Don’t waste your time over nitpicking and focus on the part that needs working on.

Don’t forget to take breaks. I’ve had on more than one occasion spent 12 hours straight trying to write a song and I was very disappointed with the results. If a song is taking way too long to write, it’s probably not going to work. Take a break and forget about it for a while, and come back later refreshed.


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On top of that you also get three bonus tools and materials, which include the following:

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How to Make a Song in 24 Hours

I know how frustrating it can be to try and write a song. There are times when it seems you have a great idea but just can’t seem to find the words to express them, and then there are those days when ideas don’t come up at all. I know that it’s not easy, but songwriting is a craft that you can refine and work on.

Just Write the Song

One of the things that I’ve noticed with most aspiring songwriters is they worry too much about whether they’re “doing it right”, whether the song is too long, it doesn’t rhyme enough etc. I suggest you just write the song and don’t try to cram it and worry the song doesn’t get “too long”. Let the idea just flow out of you and worry about the song structure later.

If you can’t think of anything in the past, look for any object in your room and write about it. Don’t think you’re writing a song, and just think that you are exercising your creative ideas. Practice this daily.

Write Down Your Ideas

Think of an experience in the past that had a major impact in your life, such as your wedding, landing your first job, or you can just write about your favorite author, sports team, etc. It could be about a girl or guy, a car, or your feelings right now or the past. You can write about emotions like love or it can be walking along the countryside.

Start writing about the subject, and don’t worry about creating four lines that rhyme. When writing this down, employ all your senses. Don’t worry about the grammar and just think of it as your consciousness expressing itself.

Examine Your Work

Look back over what you have written and assess it. Which part struck you emotionally the most, and which ones didn’t? Don’t judge or ask why, just note down the parts that did affect you and leave out those that didn’t.

Now you can start writing your song. Some songs are composed of vignettes that center on a specific theme. But other songs tell stories. At this point you should already know what type of song it will be.

If the song is a story, write it down. If it’s vignettes, write some short stories that focus on this theme. While these short stories can branch off into different directions, they must at some point return to the central theme.

Now you can put the song together, making sure you add the key points. These will be the central points of the lyrics and will be reflected on the chorus and verses. Add only the pertinent points so it doesn’t get too long.

Tips on How to Make a good Song

Remember the following when writing a song:

• Make sure every verse is related to the song you are writing. The usual song arrangement is the point made at the final line. The first three lines acting as support, providing rhyme and reason. Now you need to start filling in the blanks so to speak.

• Again, be careful not to over write a song. At this point you may find that some rhymes can be repeatedly used, while other verses don’t require verses at all. Don’t force the situation.

• Don’t force the song to conform to the “standards”, or what you hear on the radio. After all, what makes a song great and memorable is the fact that it is unique. Sure your song needs to have verses, a hook and chorus, but make it your own.

• Speaking of chorus, it should center on the song’s focal point. When writing a song, remember that the verses should support and lead up to the chorus. This is the standard form used because it makes the song easier to understand.

Personal Songs are the Best

The best songs I know are personal. It doesn’t just have to be about love, as it can also be about friendship, happiness, spirituality, life, death etc. It really doesn’t matter what the subject is as long as you are expressing yourself in an honest manner.

At this point you may be wondering which is better, writing the lyrics first or tune it up. The choice is really up to you, or rather the song. I’ve written some songs wherein the lyrics came first, and there times when I tune in first.

There are also those instances when I do both at the same time. I also know some people who begin with the melody and then write lyrics that fit it. A good example of this is “Yesterday” where the melody came first.

5 Reminders You Need to Keep In Mind When Making Songs

1. Don’t Attempt to Write to a Hit Song – Don’t write songs that you think will sell a million copies. Just write about subjects and things you care about, and the results will be more interesting and from the heart.

2. Don’t Rhyme for the Sake of Rhyming – It’s far more important that the words make sense. Also, don’t be afraid to use different words and avoid phrases that are overused.

3. Write the Lyrics as Soon as You Can – Song lyrics can pop up anytime so make sure you have a notebook or journal where you can scribble the lyrics. When inspiration strikes, don’t second guess yourself; you can refine the song later. What’s important is you get the basic idea down.

4. Songwriting Software May Help – These programs have a thesaurus, lyrics organizer, references to popular cultural terms and phrases, rhyming suggestions, alternate words and so on. They can make songwriting easier.

5. It Doesn’t Always Have to be About You – Writing songs about how you feel is the norm, but there’s nothing to prevent you from writing about someone else’s feelings about a subject.

I know writing songs may seem difficult now, but the more you write the easier the process will become. The nice thing about songwriting is the results will always be unique since you are different from everyone else.

The Best Approach on How to Write a Song

Now you know what it takes to write a great song. What you have learned so far are part of the basics. Now, the question is: are you interested in learning more? If you love writing songs, would you love to learn how to write songs professionally?

You need to learn everything from the basics all the way through the complicated stuff. And that includes not only the creative side of writing but also the business side of the song writing business. Learn how to turn your song writing talent into a living and there’s no better way to learn how to do that other than Superior Songwriting.

Superior Songwriting is a song writing suite created by the same team that brought you Singorama. Apart from music theory, composition, and instructions on the business side of the song writing business you will also get the following bonus materials:

Rhyme Master Pro – an indispensable rhyming dictionary that also helps you create top not lyrics. You no longer have to grapple with yourself trying to figure out the next lyrics that best suits your songs

• Song Writing Creativity – this is a tool that will help you get over writer’s block. You get writing prompts, practical exercises, and other tools that will help inspire you to come up with ideas for your next song.

• Mini Recording Studio – this is an application that will record your songs and edit your work as you go.

Superior Songwriting also comes with an 8 week double risk free guarantee. If within 8 weeks you are unhappy with your purchase then you can get a refund – no questions asked. On top of that, you even get to keep the bonus material included in the Superior Songwriting package.


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