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It’s true there are still those who prefer to write songs the old fashioned way using pen and paper and music instruments. But I like to use songwriting software as it has made the craft of writing and composing so much easier. If you have been shying away from it, well you shouldn’t as it allows you to do a number of things. I used to shy away from them too but once I got used to it, it became indispensable.

What Songwriting Software Can Do for You

First of all these programs make it a breeze for me to edit, play back, print and hear music sheets. I can save these files and experiment with them as much as I like. You can save these files in mp3 format and copy it to an mp3 player. Isn’t that a more convenient way to assess your work and check which elements need working on?

Another benefit with songwriting software is they make editing so easy. My program allows me to adjust pitches by drag and drop and transposing keys. You can also type chords and its corresponding fret shows up. You can also use these programs to generate different drum grooves.

What Features to Look for

songwriting softwareToday’s songwriting software come with many features, but the most important are the following, for me at least.

• It must have the ability to print sheet music and create it.

• The software must allow you to share music easily and save your music in mp3 format.

• You should be allowed to experiment with melodies. The ability to add multiple verses and import and export abilities are also necessary.

• I also like songwriting software that lets me arrange my song in different ways and use different tempo.

Types of Music Software Available

Music software is not limited to just songwriting. I’ve done a lot of research on the subject and there are many out there. These include educational music applications which teach how to play instruments. There are also digital recording software, digital editing, computer synthesizers, and media players and so on.

But if you’re just starting out and want to focus on songwriting software, then just look for one with the features I mentioned earlier. Also, the program should make it easy to write music as if you are using a word processor. A songwriting program that makes it easy to prepare and edit a song with the right notions is also essential.

Other Features

Some of these applications even allow you to create orchestras, and even if you don’t create on that scale yet, having this capacity may come in handy. Many of them also have OCR for scanning scores. But if you are going to record your music, then you’ll need more than a simple songwriting application but must also have the ability to record your composition.

If you’re into music editing besides songwriting, then editing software will be necessary. These applications have a lot of features such as fade in, fade out, mixing, adding special effects, and more. You can splice sections from different songs and cut and paste. This isn’t for everyone though, so if you’re just into writing songs, you don’t need this.

5 Essential Tips for Buying Songwriting Software

1. Don’t scrimp – if you want to write songs for a living and will be using computer software, and then get the best program you can afford.

2. The software must be easy to use – Look for songwriting computer applications that are easy to use. All the power in the world will be useless if you cannot comprehend it.

3. Read reviews online – Shopping for songwriting software is no different from buying other items online. Read reviews to see which ones people like and those that they don’t.

4. Check different stores – Don’t just look in the official website. It might be cheaper in other stores so have a look around.

5. Don’t be afraid of technology – Technology can work wonders for your songwriting. It takes some getting used to but if you go online you will see a lot of professional songwriters who have been using these programs for years and benefited.

If you have been writing songs in the past without using computer software, it’s understandable why you may be hesitant to use songwriting software. But really the amount of time you put in to research them will pay off.

The #1 Rated Song Writing Course is…

Superior Song Writing

No matter how much software you have, software alone will not write a hit song for  you.  You need some proper training.  Superior Song Writing is the top program and it is just what you need.Superior songwriting


Pick up Superior Song Writing immediately.

Superior Songwriting is an easy to use, fast, effective, and user friendly (works well if you’re not so tech savvy) song writing instructional system.

It includes:

rhyome master pro - superior song writing

  • Rhyme Master Pro – this is a digital rhyming dictionary and more. It will help you come up with lyrics that will make people sing along.

songwriting creativity

  • Song Writing Creativity – need a tool to overcome writer’s block? Well here it is. It is a cutting edge method that you can use to carve out your creative juices for producing song ideas.

Recording studio software

  • Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio – you need somewhere to test record your new song ideas, right? Well, you don’t have to run to the studio every single time. You can do it at home or pretty much anywhere when an idea or inspiration pops into your head. You can record your song right then and there and work on it as you go along.

Writing songs, will be made a lot easier if you yourself know how to sing like a pro.

Singorama can help you with that. It is a vocal training program that was developed by 90s Australian hit pop singer and vocal coach Melanie Alexander. What is Singorama? It is a highly rated online training system that helps you master the fundamentals of music theory.

It will be like hiring your very own personal vocal coach but only for a fraction of the cost.

After getting a handle of the basics and advanced music topics you can use what you have learned to write your own songs. You will also get tips on song writing, lyrical composition, writing country songs, and writing songs on guitar.

Singorama v2.0

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