Singing Lessons vs Superior Singing Method

If you’ve been looking for vocal training programs on the Internet, I’m pretty sure you have seen and heard of Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method. There are lots of vocal training programs out there but there’s no question that this is the best known. The question that may be on your mind is whether it’s as good as personal singing lessons.

Since there’s been a lot of talk about Aaron’s program, I decided to review and stack it up against singing lessons, and here are my findings.

An Overview of Superior Singing Method

The Superior Singing Method was created by vocal coach Aaron Anastasi to teach people who are unable to sing. According to Aaron, you won’t just learn to sing but gain another octave. You’ll also gain vocal control, improve your pitch and get to sing in the right tone. Aaron also claims the Superior Singing Method will also teach you advanced singing techniques.

The Superior Singing Method won’t just teach you how to sing in key, but also the proper techniques to sing different kinds of songs, improve your vocal range and develop your mix voice. You will also learn how vocal ranges are increased, and how you can work on vocal agility. Other topics covered in the Superior Singing Method are enhancing your tone, finding your own unique voice and how to refine your pitch.

Superior Singing Method vs. Singing Lessons: A Comparison

In terms of ease of use, Superior Singing Method clearly has the edge over singing lessons, as Anastasi explains all the concepts from the basic to advance lucidly. One thing I noticed is that his exercises and methods are very easy to follow so that anyone can understand it.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see his techniques really increase your vocal power. I also like the fact that his “mastering mix” techniques go through all the concepts and move along in a progressive manner.

The 50-80-20 principle is a real eye opener and if followed, will really help you get the most out of your training. I also like those HD videos as they’re very clear and crisp, making it very easy to follow Aaron’s instructions.

The fact that the videos can be played back and forth is great, and I found this handy as I can go over those lessons repeatedly. And since the lessons and videos are on your computer, you can study at your own pace.

And that’s the main advantage of Superior Singing Method over singing lessons. You can study at your own pace, and in private. One of the problems with working with singing instructors is the embarrassment aspirants feel singing in front of someone. Also, not all vocal instructors are the same caliber, so finding just the right instructor can take a very long time.

Reviews – What People Say about Superior Singing Method

Most of the reviews for Superior Singing Method are very positive. One reviewer, Kira of North Hollywood, says that “this is amazing…I recorded myself and…it’s so much more powerful.” Another review was posted by Kimberli who wrote that “much has grown in my voice! Depth, tone, clarity…and my higher range is more powerful.” This statement was also shared by Ken Anderson who wrote that “it has improved my voice and tone and I have better control.”

Based on these reviews, a lot of people have used the Superior Singing Method and gotten positive results. I’ve also read many reviewers who have commented that the program is feature packed and really helps get their tone right.


Superior Singing Method is very solid but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The fact that it’s very comprehensive means you need to be patient and be willing to go through all of it. I also have to say that you can’t skip through one lesson and jump to another unless you are an advanced singer; in other words, patience is needed.

However, these issues don’t really affect the program too much. Also, these minor drawbacks are nowhere near as serious as those with singing lessons as I pointed out earlier. Besides the fact their caliber varies, there’s also the matter of cost.

While Superior Singing Method starts at just $97, singing lessons can charge $20 an hour. I even know vocal coaches who will charge $300 a week. Not only is it expensive, but many vocal coaches I know don’t really go beyond the basics.

Advice for Buying the Superior Singing Method

If you want to order a copy of the Superior Singing Method you can get it from the official website. It’s available for just $97. Your payment order is processed using a secure online server. After placing your order you will get the entire program and you will also get four bonus programs: “Vocal Agility”, “Developing Your Head Voice”, Guide to Music Marketing and Guide to Performing

Don’t be tempted by offers from other websites that offer the Superior Singing Method at a cheaper price, or even free. Those programs aren’t complete and likely have viruses, so stick with the official site and get the real thing.


After thoroughly reviewing both methods, I can see that the Superior Singing Method has a few advantages. It’s designed not just for those who are just starting out, as there are also guides and exercises for advanced singers. And as many reviews have pointed out, it’s detailed and is just as good as any singing program out there.

I’m not saying that personal singing lessons are no good, in fact they are just as good and sometimes they are even better. But the fact is the Superior Singing Method is the cheaper option.

Why should you settle for a vocal teacher? Well, sometimes you need a personal touch. There are people who learn better with their mentor right there to give the necessary corrections and comments on the spot.

Aaron’s methods are innovative but having a distance coach can only do so much. In short, if you prefer having a live vocal coach working with you then get singing lessons but if you prefer to learn on your own and get pro tips then get a vocal training program like Superior Singing Methods.

If that is a bit too expensive for you or if the vocal program is too rigid or too complex, then let a top to bottom approach to learning how to sing like a pro from Singorama, which is much more well-rounded.

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