9 Vocal Strengthening Strategies

vocal strengtheningIf you have ever felt that your vocal cords lacks power or you find yourself unable to sing on a consistent basis, I can sympathize with you since I went through that period as well. However, I was able to go through it by performing vocal strengthening exercises like the ones I have listed below.

9 Vocal Strengthening Tips

Tip #1 -Practice E-Vowels

Sit on a chair and say the vowels “a” and “e” as loudly as you can, and try to hold each one for as long you can without your voice cracking up. Repeat this five times and note down your progress; over time you will be able to sustain the sound for extended periods.

Tip #2 – A&E Vowels

singersmallerA variation of the vowel exercise is to say the “a” and “e” but push your arms down on the chair you are sitting on. Hold the vowels down for as long as you can again without your cracking.

Tip #3 – Higher Pitch

Try the vowel exercise again but this time say the “a” and “e” in a higher pitch. Say the vowels in a higher pitch than normal for as long as you can. Repeat this three times, and then repeat those vowels three times but at a lower pitch.

Tip #4 – Ah Ah Ah

Say “ah, ah, ah” as loud and as clearly as you can. Repeat this ten times.

Tip #5 – Breath Management

Practice breathing from your diaphragm as this will enhance your singing ability and also boost your larynx. Just put your hands on your stomach and breathe as deep as you can via your nose. Hold your breath for five seconds then exhale slowly. Repeat five times.

Tip #6 – Practice Vocal Strengthening Every Day

Once you have a feel for these exercises, practice every day for an hour a day. Once your voice is accustomed to the singing exercises, make it two hours a day.

Tip #7 – Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take breaks as they are as essential as the training. Do not strain your voice or risk damage. Taking a break from exercising once a week should be enough.

Tip #8 – Don’t Drink and Smoke

Don’t drink or smoke. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your lungs and your vocals, but so is alcohol and other sweetened drinks. The best drink for singers and aspiring singers is still water.

Tip #9 – Yawning

Try yawning, and observe how your Adam’s apple comes sliding down. Hold your vocal cords at your yawn’s deepest part and count from 1 to 5. Now count to 5 and then restore your vocal cords to their regular state. Repeat this exercise for 20 minutes a day.

These techniques will certainly help, but during the course of my research, I found a nice little program that might be able to help, called Singorama.

What is the Singorama?

Singorama is a vocal strengthening program designed to teach you all 9 vocal strengthening strategies mentioned above and move. It is designed to help you improve your ability to sing.

Part of the lessons focus on strengthening your vocals using advanced techniques. The lessons will show you different methods for singing high notes without straining your voice. You will also learn how to increase your vocal agility—imagine being able to jump from high to low notes with ease.

Singorama was created by popular vocal coach and multi awarded singer and artist Melanie Alexander. She has put together all the lessons and training that she has received into a one of kind system composed of tools, lessons, and software apps for mastering your vocal tones.

I became interested in the program and decided to check out some of the reviews, and most of them are very positive. Sean Winston of Kentucky says in his review of the product that “it hasn’t just made my vocals stronger, but I’m also a better singer now”.

The same thing was said by Josh Williamson of Mississippi who wrote that the vocal strengthening modules on the Superior Singing Method “are simply the best I’ve tried’. A review at nbadraft.net plainly says that it is “your ultimate trainer”.

Based on these testimonials and also the other reviews that I have read, this vocal training program seems to be helping a lot of people reach their full vocal potential. Many of the reviewers have also pointed out the instructions are very easy to follow, and there have never been reports of anyone getting vocal strain following the system.

Advice for Buying the Singorama

If you are interested in buying Singorama, you can get it from the official website. I would recommend that you go get this vocal training program now since they are selling it at a huge discounted price. It was originally priced at almost $300 but now they are selling the whole thing (software tools included) for only $49.

The offer is also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The Singorama team guarantees that you will see results in 60 days or less. If it doesn’t work out, you get a full refund.

Vocal Strengthening techniques

Final Recommendation

After studying Singorama in depth, I have to give it a thumbs up. For just $49 it offers step by step instructions on how to become a professional singer, and not just on the pitch and key. Another reason why I have to recommend the program is that its creator, Melanie Alexander, is a vocal coach and multi-platinum awarded artist. She is the real deal and she knows exactly what it’s like being on stage and making the audience sing with her.

I also find the Singorama vocal strengthening program to be comprehensive and the instructions are easy to follow. I also compared with similar programs and it is more detailed and easier to work with.

Good luck on your journey to a better voice!

Singorama v2.0

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