7 Tips for Vocal Warm Up


If you’re trying to learn how to sing and having trouble getting vocals to work, I can understand your frustration as it has happened to me too. One of the ways to alleviate this situation is by performing vocal warm up exercises, and by practicing these your voice will loosen up and get ready to sing. I have tried many of these methods, and they do work but takes time.

Seven Vocal Warm Up Exercises and Tips

Tip #1 – The Yawn

singer12Make a quiet yawning sound beginning at the limit of your natural vocal range. Now descend slowly to your voice’s bottom range. Repeat this 5 to 7 times. At this point you shouldn’t worry about the form and just focus “warming up” your voice.

Tip #2 – Aaaaaah

Start singing a note in your middle range. Use soft vowel such as “ah”. Sing five notes up and down and repeat this half a step higher and then half step lower. Keep repeating this until your vocals start stretching. Keep doing this but do not strain your voice.

Tip #3 – Up and Down

Repeat the above exercise, commencing from your middle vocal range. However you should start down the 5 note scale and go up. Sing each scale successively half a step down until you get to the bottom of your vocal range.

Tip #4 – Slowly go Up

Work on your bottom vocal range, singing “ah”. Follow this up by singing “ah” at the major scale’s second note. Go back to the first note and repeat until you can jump a whole octave. Repeat this for the vowel sounds.

Tip #5 – Sing a Song

Once you have completed the above exercise, sing a song from start to finish. Pick a song that allows spans a wide vocal range like the Star Spangled Banner. It can be any other song as long as you are able to work on your vocals.

If you’re a new singer, this exercise won’t be easy, but that’s okay as you just need to concentrate on trying to get the vocal range right. It might help to use a tape recorder and take note of the areas where you failed to hit the notes right.

Tip #6 -Limit your Warmup

Don’t spend too much time warming up; do it for just a few minutes and then sing. The warm up exercises are important but you also need to make sure you don’t overextend to the point that you have no strength left for singing. One of the most common mistakes I have noticed is that aspiring singers spend too much time warming up and not enough time singing.

Tip #7 – Drink Water

Practice every day and drink lots of water and don’t drink smoothies or soft drinks prior to singing. They are not good for your vocals and may make it worse. In general, thick drinks have to be avoided whenever you want to sing. I also want to say that smoking is not a good idea either as it will damage your lungs.

While these methods are effective, they can take a lot of time, as I said. So I decided to do some research and look for a program that might help. One that I found was the Superior Signing Method.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

superiorhealthsmThe Superior Singing Method is an online vocal training system developed by professional vocal trainer Aaron Anastasi. Its first module is called Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises, which uses special techniques to not just prep up our voice but also unlock your singing potential. This module also helps improve your pitch and tone as well. There are other modules in the program too which focus on breath management, mastering vocal tone and more.

Many of the reviews for the Superior Singing Method are very positive. Sarah Criss says that “after trying Superior for just a few days, I was able to notice the improvements quickly”, while John in Sacramento wrote on the web that he is “really enjoying the lessons” and that it is “money well spent”.

I also read reviews in blogs from other people who used the product like Stan from Kansas, April from Minnesota and also slideshare.net and they all say the same thing that the Superior Signing Method delivers.

Based on these reviews, it seems to me that a lot of people have benefited and are benefiting from the Superior Singing Method. Based on the reviews, a lot of people have also benefited from performing the vocal warm up exercises provided.

Advice for Buying the Superior Singing Method

If you are interested in getting a copy of the Superior Singing Method, you can get in on the official website. It is available in versions: basic ($97) and deluxe ($77). Yes the deluxe edition which has more modules less. If you do decide to buy, you will be covered by a 60 day money back guarantee.

My Personal Recommendation

After going through the entire program I must say that the Superior Singing Method’s Unique Vocal Warm Up Exercises are indeed effective. While it won’t transform you into a singer overnight, it does help especially if you follow the instructions. For this reason I give it my full recommendation.

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