7 Tips for Proper Pitch and Key in Singing


If you’re having trouble singing in key it can be very frustrating and I know because I have been there. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it, as there are ways to improve your voice and no longer worry about embarrassing yourself. You may want to try some of these if you are having trouble.

7 Tips for Proper Pitch and Key in Singing

Tip # 1 – Chewing and Stretching

singer4Get rid of vocal tension by exercising your vocal cords and making exaggerated chewing motions, speaking or just singing random words. It will also help to perform some stretching exercises and also do some breathing exercises.

Tip – 2 – Breath Management

You should also breathe from your stomach. Think of it as a balloon filing up with your breath and then being released as you sing. This is one of the best ways to develop a good pitch. One of the ways this can be mastered is by practicing deep breathing consistently.

Tip #3 – Posture

Good posture is also required if you want to sing properly. Make sure you are standing up straight and keep your chest and shoulders lifted up. This is extremely important especially if you are just starting out.

Tip #4 – Train Your Ears

You should also train your ears to recognize the sounds of notes and then try to imitate it as well as you can. One of the ways to do this is to practice scales on your keyboard or piano and imitate it.

Tip #5 – Record Yourself

You may have heard this before but it bears repeating: by recording your voice you will learn how to analyze your pitch following your sessions. Always keep a copy of your recordings and compare them.

Tip #6 – Tongue Management

If your tongue keeps flailing in your mouth your pitch will go awry so learn to keep your tongue set against your mouth’s bottom while you are singing. This can be difficult but you just need to work on this.

Tip #7 – Practice Every Day

Keep practicing singing every day as that is the only way you can improve. One of the reasons why people are not succeeding is the fact they give up too quickly. Just keep working on it. However, you must not overdo it. Give yourself time to relax and practice no more than an
hour or two a day.

I have to point that I have used these tips and they do work. However, I still felt that my progression was still not complete and that I can do much better. So id did a lot of research on the Internet and I eventually found this cool little program called the Superior Singing Method, which I believe can really help your singing.

What is the Superior Singing Method?

mod-4-greenThis is an online singing system developed by Aaron Anastasi, a vocal singing coach. What struck me is that one of its modules actually explains how to improve your pitch. With the module you will learn how to develop your pitch and how to train your ear to hear pitching problems, vowel shaping, improving your tone and more.

I also went out and checked the reviews of the program as well as testimonials, and many of them have reported success with it. Jack Alba wrote on his blog that “thanks to Superior I now have the confidence to sing” while Greg Randall wrote online that “the training videos really helped give me confidence to sing”.

As per these reviews and professionals, it seems that a lot of people have benefited from it and seen improvements with their vocals. I also watched some YouTube reviews from people who used the product and met success.

Advice for Buying the Superior Singing Method

If you are interested in buying the Superior Singing Method it is available on their official website. It is available in two versions, basic and deluxe. The basic edition costs $97 and the deluxe is sold for less at $77. If you buy the deluxe edition you will get the Superior Singing Method and you will also get the Superior Vocal Health, Vibrato and High Notes. This package is covered by 60 day money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work out, you get a full refund.

Final Recommendation

After studying the Superior Singing Method in depth, I have to give it a thumbs up. For just $77 it offers step by step instructions on how to become a singer, and not just on the pitch and key. Another reason why I have to recommend the program is that its creator, Aaron Anastasi, is a vocal coach who has had years of coaching experience.

I also find the program to be comprehensive and the instructions are easy to follow. I also compared with similar programs and it is more detailed and easier to work with.

If you are interested in tine Superior Singing Method you can visit their official website at http://www.superiorsingingmethod.com.

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