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Singorama Testimonials and Recommendations

I’ve done more than a bit of research about Singorama by Melanie Alexander, simply because it’s so popular nowadays. What I’ve learned is that it has not only gotten a lot of positive reviews but also plenty of testimonials. While reading about the program’s features is certainly important, testimonials are even more so since they come from people who’ve used Singorama.

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Jane Punt from the US

This is what she had this to say:

“I’m so impressed with the versatility of Singorama…I’ve been singing since childhood but negative experiences caused doubt…with Singorama exercises and software, I’ve improved. My pitch has been fine tuned, my vocal range improved…thank you!”

Jennifer also said that Singorama was made for beginners and advanced singers, and this is definitely true. Singorama doesn’t require any theoretical knowledge of music, or a private coach or any previous singing experience. Jennifer also said that she lost confidence in singing but the program was able to help her regain her confidence.

This is one of the most important features of Singorama. It was designed to be easy to use so anyone, no matter what their experience or confidence level is. In addition, Jennifer also said that Singorama is versatile, and that’s true. Unlike other vocal training programs out there, Singorama allows you to choose from different exercises.

Kwesi Williams (Maryland, USA)

Here’s another interesting testimonial. In 2005 Kwesi was asked to
sing in his church, and this is what happened.

“I knew that I had some problems with pitch and so I got online and began researching…I found Singorama….and the results were dramatic…I was able to sing with confidence. I highly recommend Singorama for pitch work.”

Kwesi’s success story isn’t unique, as I’ve also read a lot of other people who, desperate to improve their singing voice, went online and found the program. It’s also interesting to note that many people are finding it easy to locate Singorama as more and more people are now using it.

Kwesi also mentioned that he was able to work on his pitch and again this comment is shared by other people. This really should not come as a surprise since Singorama has its own Perfect Pitch software. Unlike other vocal training programs that only devote a lesson or two to pitch, Singorama has the Perfect Your Pitch Pro software just for this task, so it’s no surprise that Kwesi improved so quickly.

Roland Smithers (Ireland)

Singorama testimonials, I’ve uncovered through my research, come from all over the world. Here’s what Roland Smithers of Ireland had to say:

”I purchased Singorama a few months ago…it’s the most comprehensive singing course I’ve tried, and I was surprised I was able to do the exercises at my own time.”

Roland’s comment that he was able to “do it at his own time” is another advantage offered by Singorama; it doesn’t require you to spend hours for each lesson. You can actually spend just 30 minutes a day and still see results. Of course the more time you spend on the program the better off you’ll be. However, as Roland’s testimony shows, you will notice big improvements even if you just practice at night after work.

Roland also said that he had used Singorama to write songs and his vocal harmony range has improved. This echoes the testimonials from other users. Collaborative testimony, in my view, further demonstrates how effective Singorama really is.

Darren K (USA)

Darren K. was also looking for a program to help with his singing…every time I did a search Singorama would come up and described as the best product out there…It was easy to order, secure and quick, and I had it ready to use in minutes.”

These statements say a lot about Singorama. Darren said that Singorama is “often described as the best out there” and always being recommended is independent verification of how popular and effective it is. The fact that people are always recommending it shows that a lot of users have being using it and successfully.

Darren also says that:

“I’m not the only one who uses Singorama, as it is also used by my wife and daughter. I’ve learned a lot and it’s a fun and entertaining.”

This is another advantage offered by Singorama over other vocal training programs, While it is comprehensive, including vocal strengthening exercises, breathing, posture, pitch, singing in different styles etc, they’re easy and fun to follow. With this program I think anyone can learn how to sing!

Other Singorama Testimonials

John Elsfelder is 48 years old, but he was able to use Singorama and achieved success.

“I’ve been very successful with Singorama…My voice has improved and now I’ve written a song…I love the warm up techniques, and it has helped me a lot.”

Another testimonial comes from Jessica Stephens:

“Singorama is the best thing for me….it has saved my voice, and helped improve my singing…now I belong to an international choric choir group…and singing those high notes is easy.”

I also want to include this testimonial from John Shea:

“The instructions were easy to follow and made sense. The exercises were engaging and not hard to stick with. At the end of the month my range had been extended and higher.”

And one more from Glenda Rose of Austin Texas:

I highly recommend Singorama for anyone who’s interested in singing…it helped me and my (church choir) group with the warm up techniques and the pitch training module…”

singorama testimonialsThese testimonies differ but all of them say basically the same thing, and that is Singorama works. And another thing that I noticed is that Singorama works regardless of the genre they’re in. What I mean is that Singorama isn’t just for rockers or R&B singers, but all genres.

These testimonials by people from all walks of life goes to show, for me, that Singorama is for real, and that it does work. These are testimonials from people who have long struggled with their singing, and what they all say is that Singorama has helped them. These testimonials are far more convincing than fancy advertisement or promo produced by other vocal training programs.

Your Shortcut to Success

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  • How to take control of the stage when you’re performing
  • Master the rudiments of music theory
  • Overcome that nasty feeling of stage fright
  • Fine tune your current musical skills
  • And lots more

Singorama is a revolutionary vocal training system that walks you through the basics all the way to the advanced nuances of singing and music theory.

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