Singorama! Will it Work for You?

If you’re looking to improve your singing ability and maybe forge a professional singing career in the near future, then Singorama may just be the tool you need.

Have you always wanted to sing like a pro? You can carry a tune and maybe have some decent singing skills. However, you don’t have the courage to sing the songs on karaoke night. Or maybe you can sing with the congregation at church but you just don’t feel confident enough to sing in the choir.

The Singorama Experience

Singorama is a comprehensive vocal program that gets you grounded on the basics of singing and performing on stage. But it also goes beyond the basics—it’s a vocal training system teaches you to become an absolute pro.

What can you expect from Singorama?

  • Mastering the perfect pitch
  • Gain vocal strength and agility—fast!
  • Increase your vocal range
  • Develop a beautiful tone of voice
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Master your mixed voice
  • Learn advanced singing techniques right from the start

We’ll go over the details of these features in a little while. But after seeing all of that, are you still unsure if Singorama is for you? Well, worry no more because there’s…

A Free Lesson Just So You Can Try It Out

singorama 5 day courseNot sure if Singorama is the vocal program for you? Well here’s some good news—you can, for a limited time, try a FREE five part singing course by clicking here.

This is a completely free option with no strings attached. So it does not cost you anything to test this part. This is of course not as comprehensive as the full course. But it will get you started.

The free 5 part course is sent out to you in daily lessons, so it is easy to understand and work with. This FREE 5 day training will help you hit the ground running when you enroll in the full course.


Question: Do I need to have some singing experience to use Singorama?

Answer: No you don’t. It will be great if you do. However, Singorama is a complete and comprehensive program. It covers the basics so that even absolute beginners will learn how to sing like a pro step by step.

Question: Do I need to spend a lot of time to use this vocal coaching program?

Answer: Singorama uses a step by step laddered program. You will be working through a variety of singing exercises as you learn a lot of different singing techniques. The lessons themselves won’t take a lot of time. You can spend just only 15 minutes each day to learn and train.

Question: Will I need a private singing coach?

Answer: No, you won’t need an expensive singing coach. Singorama is a complete vocal training program. Everything you need to learn and progress in your singing career is already included in this system. Best of all, you get to learn it all at your own pace.

Find Your Own Singing Voice That is Uniquely You

This one of a kind vocal training program helps you find a singing voice that is totally you. But don’t you want to sing like the greats? Isn’t Singorama going to teach you how to sing like Mariah Carey, Adele, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé Knowles, and Alicia Keys?

Oh wait, we forgot to mention some of the great male vocals like Michael Bublé, Marvin Gaye, Bruno Mars, Frank Sinatra, Zayn Malik, Nat King Cole, Adam Levine, Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Freddie Mercury, and Justin Timberlake.

Okay, I think that is a pretty good list.

So, why won’t Singorama teach how to sing like these people? No, it’s not that it won’t and it doesn’t. In fact, you may one day be able to sing like them and maybe you will sound like them. And that happens too along the way as people learn the lessons from Singorama.

But you don’t necessarily have to sound like the great singers that you idolize. It is okay to sound like them but somewhere along the way you will have to find your own voice especially when you trying to make it pro.

You have your own unique voice and through this vocal training platform you will discover the unique sound that is totally you.

Absolutely Beginner Friendly

Can you carry a tune? That’s great. However, you can’t seem to progress from your current singing ability and move forward to competition pieces. In fact, you don’t even know how to face a live audience and wow them with delight.

This is another great thing about Singorama. It is really beginner friendly. You will learn singing and music theory from the absolute basics all the way to advanced techniques.

However, the system builds you up from the beginning. It will show you where you are good at, and then it will also point out all the mistakes that you are making. Finally, you will get the exact tips and advice to help you overcome those mistakes.

There will be goals that you will have to reach and there will be helps, tools, and tips available to you every step of the way. Consider these goals as landmarks of your progress.

You also get to create your own goals with each course that you take. Don’t let all of that goal setting scare you. You see every step and phase of the vocal and music courses are designed to be manageable.

It’s like a custom tailored musical and vocal training course just for you.

There’s no magic pill or secret technique. You will be privy to everything that makes great singers great. The courses are designed to be practical and convenient. That means you don’t have to strain and push your vocal cords until you are all sore.

Remember that vocal training that is interrupted is growth and singing ability aborted. Learning how to sing better shouldn’t be a do or die mission.

Singorama keeps things fun. And the more fun the lessons become the easier it is to reach each goal. The more you reach your goals the more motivated and confident you become as a singer.

Some of the fundamentals that you will learn along the way include the following:

  • Rhythm
  • Scale
  • Pitch enhancement
  • Breathing techniques

Who Created the Singorama System

Now, before we jump into the contents of the entire vocal training program, you might be wondering who created it. She is not just some two bit penny for a note singer.

In fact, the system was designed by just some boiler room programmer that had a knack for hacking vocalizations, music theory, and other subjects. Singorama was actually designed by an award winning singer, Melanie Alexander.

Melanie was part of an Australian 90s hit girl band called Girlfriend. They had four top 50 singles with albums certified as platinum and gold. Their rise to fame came with a #1 hit entitled Take It From Me. Apart from the music, they also had their own clothing line.

They actually made quite a buzz during the key points in their career as well as after their group were disbanded.

This means that the Singorama vocal training system is legit. It was designed by someone who knows exactly what she was doing. Melanie brought in some of her friends from the music industry to help formulate and perfect this singer performance coaching system.

Essential Singing Skills, Tools, and Habits

What are some of the essential skills and tools that you will learn to be a pro singer from Singorama? Here is a short list:

  • Practice Sessions

You will need a lot of practice sessions. However, these are not just plain old practice sessions. You’ve heard of the phrase “practice makes perfect,” right? Well that IS WRONG.

Singorama teaches you how to do perfect practice. Why? Because if you keep practicing the same singing mistakes over and over again then it doesn’t matter how much you practice—you’re not getting anywhere.

What you need is perfect practice where you work out the kinks and imperfections in your singing performance. You will also be taught that you should sing every chance you get especially after learning a new singing skill.

This is how you understand what kind of a unique voice you truly have. That is the way you properly train and upgrade your performance level.

  • Warm Ups

Some people skip warm ups altogether and go right ahead to singing their favorite songs. But that may not be the best thing for your vocal chords.

Your vocal chords are like the muscles and bones on your arms and legs. You don’t want to just jump into lifting heavy weights when you’re in the gym, right?

This is why warm ups are essential. Well, in the case of your vocal chords and singing you will need vocal warm ups. Doing these exercises will help prevent injury and unnecessary strain.

Singorama provides you with tips, instructional videos, and other tools to keep your voice in tip top singing condition. You will learn a variety of warm up exercises like the way you stretch and warm up your muscles. You will learn it all by repetition until it becomes second nature to you.

Keeping Yourself Healthy

Believe it or not, you don’t just use your vocal chords and your mouth when you sing. There are actually a lot of other bodily organs working as you sing each song. The process involves your tongue, lungs, nose, and ears as well. You also get a good dose of health tips from this singing instructional program.

Beating Stage Fright

Public speaking is one thing but singing is a totally different animal. Sure, you are performing in both instances but singing to a sell-out crowd (or even in front of your friends) can be a bit more intimidating. The dynamics of stage performance are just way too different.

Singorama helps you to get over the overwhelming jitters when you perform on stage. The pressure is real—no doubt about it. However, the info you will get from this vocal program is just as real.

You will learn that getting a dose of stage fright is normal. It’s a defense mechanism that you are born with. It’s absolutely normal. What you will learn from this on stage performing program is how to manage it and eventually get over it.

Want to learn how to overcome on stage jitters?

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Of course you can’t build your confidence if you don’t know what to do when you’re up on a stage. You will learn how to deal with the initial jitters and build your performance. You will not only sing great, you will also look great on stage.

What You Will Get From Singorama

Here are the things that you can get from your purchase.

Maximize Your Vocal Range

You can sing an entire octave; well, maybe an octave and a half. Some people can hit those high and low notes really well. So, it will be different for everyone.

However, there is one thing that everyone wants to do—increase one’s maximum vocal range. You can do that just when you think you’ve reached the highest note you can sing with a crisp clear tone.

It’s not going to be like that thin and strained tone that people make when they strain at a note. Sometimes doing that can end in a squawk which can be quite embarrassing when you’re performing live.

You will go through exercises and drills in Singorama that will steadily increase your vocal range. This vocal training system will help you condition your voice safely and quickly.

You will learn to hit those high notes without breaking and minus the strain. It is hard to believe how relaxed you will be when you start hitting the notes that you once thought were difficult to reach. Get professional grade techniques and advice to help you do just that.

Getting That Perfect Pitch

There is more to singing than just hitting really high or low notes, right? A very important part of singing on stage is getting the right pitch and tone. Hitting a really high note but that note ends up off key will something that no one will appreciate.

In fact, it may even sound very irritating. The Singorama system will teach you to hit that perfect pitch every time. This is part of the module is more on ear and vocal training so you can master this cornerstone of singing mastery.

Singorama incorporates a pitch perfecting software. You will learn to recognize notes and then hear your voice if it is hitting that note perfectly or not. This first class proprietary software will help you hone this essential skill in a fun and encouraging environment.

Vocal Agility and Strength

The drills and exercises that you will learn from this vocal training program will help you develop effortless strength when you sing. Do you remember straining so hard just to reach that one note?

You can barely hear yourself sing it, right? Singing like that will make anyone doubt their singing ability. It just messes with your confidence.

Singorama includes the most refined singing methods that will help you break through this barrier. From vocal strength you will then transition to vocal agility.

You will learn to hit those once difficult notes with clear solid tones and then transition to other notes as well. you will learn each one of the steps involved in a very precise way.

60 day money back guarantee

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