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The Benefits of Singing Lessons Online

I know that there are still many out there who opt for traditional ways of learning how to sing, and that means hiring vocal coaches or taking classes. But more and more now prefer to learn on the Internet. The idea of singing lessons online may seem odd, but as I will show it has a lot of benefits.

Cheaper and More Cost Effective

online singing lessonsThese online programs usually don’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars give or take. You only have to pay once, and then you will be able use the program and follow the instructions as often as you like.

And as I’m sure you have noticed they are packed with bonus programs and extras that add value. If you add the cost of the programs and bonuses they will run up to hundreds of dollars, so you get to save quite a bit.

By contrast, vocal coaches can set you back several hundred dollars, and if you hire the big shots, it will cost thousands. And here’s another thing to consider: a lot of the good vocal coaches are the ones who produce these online programs. You can learn what they actually teach in their classes at a fraction of the cost, so why spend more? Plus they all have a money back guarantee. You literally don’t have anything to lose.

You Can Study at Your Own Pace

With a vocal instructor, your time is limited, and it is difficult to go back to your lessons if you have progressed to a certain level. And what if you are scheduled to go to vocal class today and just don’t feel like it?

singing lessons onlineWith online lessons you can study when you want and where you want. You can read and re-read those singing lessons and concepts until you fully comprehend them. You can also play those videos back and forth as often as necessary and for as long as you want.

Most of these programs are also downloadable so even if you are not on the Internet you can still access them on your computer and practice. You can copy the programs on your laptop or tablet and work on your tune anytime you want.

Online Singing Lessons are Comprehensive

Online singing lessons are not bare-bones projects that just teach you the basics. They are, I can tell you with full confidence, as comprehensive as any lesson set a ”real” vocal coach or class can provide you.

For instance, these lessons cover such topics as berthing properly, expanding your vocal range, teaching yourself how to reach that “whistle” range (like how you see those singers do on TV). Even more advanced concepts such as blending vocal registers and boosting your vocal power without straining are also covered.

Online Reviews

Another thing that I like about singing lessons online is there are a lot of independent reviews for each one. Because of this, it should be pretty easy to find a program that suits your needs.

I also want to say that singing lessons online also cover lessons that regular vocal classes don’t even teach such as the anatomy of vocal cords, instilling discipline, posture, health and how to succeed in the industry.

There’s no shortage of these programs online, so you should spend some time looking around. Payments online are also secure so that should not be an issue either.

Recommendation for Online Singing Lessons

Singorama v2.0 course

Some online singing lessons are better than others. In fact there some teaching tools are much better and more effective. Here is a hierarchy of different types of singing lessons online. They are arranged from the most effective to the least effective ones:

  1. Live Online Instruction: these can be covered via Skype or some other online collaboration tool or app. You will be conducting a remote class using this method. It will be almost as good as having your music instructor right there physically with you. The downside to this option is the very high cost of hiring an online music or voice instructor.
  2. Online Courses: the instruction you get from this type of online singing lessons may not be live but it is usually immersive and also comprehensive. You will be equipped with tools that can monitor and evaluate your progress. It is almost as good as having an actual music instructor or voice coach. The big advantage this option has over live online instruction is the cost.
  3. YouTube Tutorials: you’ve seen these a lot of times. You have a teacher, coach, or musician or some other expert perform their stuff live on YouTube. They also demo their piece step by step. However, there is no way a video can evaluate whether you are able to replicate the recorded lesson. It’s cheap—well they’re free, right? But you don’t get the feedback that you desperately need.
  4. eBooks: eBooks are the least effective type of online singing lessons because no technique is demonstrated to you. You just read about it and the techniques are just described the very best they can be. That can only go so far – it’s like teaching someone how to swim by just describing the strokes. You just can’t get it all 100% because you were never in the water.

The best way forward?

It is obvious that you can only do so much on your own. Sometimes you need a vocal coach to help discover the weaknesses in your performance. But just as it was described above, hiring a coach or trainer can be expensive.

And that is where Singorama can help you—a vocal training program that was developed by 90s Australian hit pop singer Melanie Alexander.

What is Singorama? It is a step by step vocal training system that gets you firmly grounded on the basics and then transforms your voice to a professional level. You will learn how to:

  • Maximize your vocal range
  • Master the perfect pitch
  • Quickly gain vocal agility and strength
  • Develop a beautiful tone
  • Overcome performance anxiety and stage fright
  • Master your mixed voice
  • A lot of other advanced techniques

It will be like hiring a live online vocal coach minus the cost.