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Who is Melanie Alexander?


If you have been following along on the info about the vocal training program Singorama, then you should have heard the name Melanie Alexander mentioned several times. Some may recognize the name and others might say that the name is familiar. But maybe the new generation may only have the foggiest idea about who she is.

Sometimes people would dismiss the Singorama vocal training system as just some run off the mill singing tutorial because they don’t recognize the brains behind it all. To help dispel the fog and give you an idea who she is, let’s go over her short bio.

Melanie Alexander’s Hit Girl Band “Girlfriend”

For the majority of people, they will hear the name Melanie Alexander as it is hyped today in digital marketing as one of the key developers of Singorama. What people don’t really know is that she is not an online persona. She is not a ghost writer who just has a knack for writing about music theory.

She is actually the real deal. Her name first shot to nationwide fame in her beloved Australia back in 1991. She would appear on TV in many occasions over the years. This five girl pop band came to be known as Girlfriend.

In 1992, this Australian girl band released their debut album, which they entitled Make It Come True. Four of their songs in that album actually made it in the top 50 charts of the Australian Recording Industry Association.

That in itself is no small achievement. Sure it can be stellar to land one song on the pop charts. That is already a pretty good achievement in itself. But if you only had 1 hit out of all the songs that you have ever created then you will be quickly branded as a one hit wonder.

But of course Melanie and her crew were not destined for one hit wonder history. Later on they will produce hit song after hit song. They will eventually produce a pair of platinum albums and one gold album. That is of course a testament to their great singing and overall musical ability.

Their Own Clothing Line

Melanie and the group eventually became musical icons not only in their beloved Australia but in other parts of the world as well. They were destined to become one of the musical icons in their era. In fact, they became so popular they at one point even had their very own clothing line.

They appeared on stage and on TV wearing flower hats and this eventually stuck and became the ad hoc symbol of their girl band. This of course became a fashion statement and they also became very well known for it.

Not Always a Great Singer

Well, that’s enough of their prestigious fashion sense. Let’s get back to her music. Would you believe that a multi-platinum level singer could start out as mediocre? Melanie Alexander wasn’t exactly stellar when she started out.

She openly admits that at the start way back before all the stardom and fame came into fruition, she wasn’t someone you would consider as a good singer. A lot of the kids in school would tease a young Melanie when she tried to sing. That kind of bullying experience made her quit singing altogether.

However, a friend of hers went out of her way and taught her what she learned from her vocal coach. With the little techniques that she learned from her friend Melanie regained her confidence and auditioned for a musical.

Oh, it wasn’t a smooth ride from there. There were still plenty of ups and downs along her way before she finally met with the girls who will form Girlfriend with her. There will be other vocal coaches and other lessons that she will learn.


And that is what Singorama is all about—Melanie Alexander’s gift to all aspiring singers who are just like her. She packed up all the lessons that she has learned through the years and with the help of an amazing team, they put together instructional materials, videos, apps, and other tools that will help you step up in your singing game.

Singorama is the equivalent of a lifetime of music and singing lessons that made a mediocre singer into a star.

LEARN more about Singorama TODAY.

Singorama Testimonials and Recommendations

I’ve done more than a bit of research about Singorama by Melanie Alexander, simply because it’s so popular nowadays. What I’ve learned is that it has not only gotten a lot of positive reviews but also plenty of testimonials. While reading about the program’s features is certainly important, testimonials are even more so since they come from people who’ve used Singorama.

Please add your own testimonial in the comment section if you have tested the program!!! 

If you are looking for recent testimonials, then please check the comment section!

Jane Punt from the US

This is what she had this to say:

“I’m so impressed with the versatility of Singorama…I’ve been singing since childhood but negative experiences caused doubt…with Singorama exercises and software, I’ve improved. My pitch has been fine tuned, my vocal range improved…thank you!”

Jennifer also said that Singorama was made for beginners and advanced singers, and this is definitely true. Singorama doesn’t require any theoretical knowledge of music, or a private coach or any previous singing experience. Jennifer also said that she lost confidence in singing but the program was able to help her regain her confidence.

This is one of the most important features of Singorama. It was designed to be easy to use so anyone, no matter what their experience or confidence level is. In addition, Jennifer also said that Singorama is versatile, and that’s true. Unlike other vocal training programs out there, Singorama allows you to choose from different exercises.

Kwesi Williams (Maryland, USA)

Here’s another interesting testimonial. In 2005 Kwesi was asked to
sing in his church, and this is what happened.

“I knew that I had some problems with pitch and so I got online and began researching…I found Singorama….and the results were dramatic…I was able to sing with confidence. I highly recommend Singorama for pitch work.”

Kwesi’s success story isn’t unique, as I’ve also read a lot of other people who, desperate to improve their singing voice, went online and found the program. It’s also interesting to note that many people are finding it easy to locate Singorama as more and more people are now using it.

Kwesi also mentioned that he was able to work on his pitch and again this comment is shared by other people. This really should not come as a surprise since Singorama has its own Perfect Pitch software. Unlike other vocal training programs that only devote a lesson or two to pitch, Singorama has the Perfect Your Pitch Pro software just for this task, so it’s no surprise that Kwesi improved so quickly.

Roland Smithers (Ireland)

Singorama testimonials, I’ve uncovered through my research, come from all over the world. Here’s what Roland Smithers of Ireland had to say:

”I purchased Singorama a few months ago…it’s the most comprehensive singing course I’ve tried, and I was surprised I was able to do the exercises at my own time.”

Roland’s comment that he was able to “do it at his own time” is another advantage offered by Singorama; it doesn’t require you to spend hours for each lesson. You can actually spend just 30 minutes a day and still see results. Of course the more time you spend on the program the better off you’ll be. However, as Roland’s testimony shows, you will notice big improvements even if you just practice at night after work.

Roland also said that he had used Singorama to write songs and his vocal harmony range has improved. This echoes the testimonials from other users. Collaborative testimony, in my view, further demonstrates how effective Singorama really is.

Darren K (USA)

Darren K. was also looking for a program to help with his singing…every time I did a search Singorama would come up and described as the best product out there…It was easy to order, secure and quick, and I had it ready to use in minutes.”

These statements say a lot about Singorama. Darren said that Singorama is “often described as the best out there” and always being recommended is independent verification of how popular and effective it is. The fact that people are always recommending it shows that a lot of users have being using it and successfully.

Darren also says that:

“I’m not the only one who uses Singorama, as it is also used by my wife and daughter. I’ve learned a lot and it’s a fun and entertaining.”

This is another advantage offered by Singorama over other vocal training programs, While it is comprehensive, including vocal strengthening exercises, breathing, posture, pitch, singing in different styles etc, they’re easy and fun to follow. With this program I think anyone can learn how to sing!

Other Singorama Testimonials

John Elsfelder is 48 years old, but he was able to use Singorama and achieved success.

“I’ve been very successful with Singorama…My voice has improved and now I’ve written a song…I love the warm up techniques, and it has helped me a lot.”

Another testimonial comes from Jessica Stephens:

“Singorama is the best thing for me….it has saved my voice, and helped improve my singing…now I belong to an international choric choir group…and singing those high notes is easy.”

I also want to include this testimonial from John Shea:

“The instructions were easy to follow and made sense. The exercises were engaging and not hard to stick with. At the end of the month my range had been extended and higher.”

And one more from Glenda Rose of Austin Texas:

I highly recommend Singorama for anyone who’s interested in singing…it helped me and my (church choir) group with the warm up techniques and the pitch training module…”

singorama testimonialsThese testimonies differ but all of them say basically the same thing, and that is Singorama works. And another thing that I noticed is that Singorama works regardless of the genre they’re in. What I mean is that Singorama isn’t just for rockers or R&B singers, but all genres.

These testimonials by people from all walks of life goes to show, for me, that Singorama is for real, and that it does work. These are testimonials from people who have long struggled with their singing, and what they all say is that Singorama has helped them. These testimonials are far more convincing than fancy advertisement or promo produced by other vocal training programs.

Your Shortcut to Success

If you want to learn how to become a better singer and fast then we recommend Singorama. It has been tried literally by hundreds of people all over the world and the results are no less than astonishing. You will learn how to:

  • Improve your vocal range
  • Get the perfect pitch every time
  • How to take control of the stage when you’re performing
  • Master the rudiments of music theory
  • Overcome that nasty feeling of stage fright
  • Fine tune your current musical skills
  • And lots more

Singorama is a revolutionary vocal training system that walks you through the basics all the way to the advanced nuances of singing and music theory.

Get it now!

Superior Songwriting Review – Will it Work for You?

If you’re having trouble writing songs, I can sympathize with you. There’s this great song you have in mind but for some reason you just can’t seem to translate your feelings into words. Not surprisingly numerous songwriting programs have appeared on the Internet, one of the best is indeed Melanie Alexander’s Superior Songwriting. I have tried to make this Superior Songwriting review very detailed, because of the many aspects in the program.

If you’re wondering if this is the real deal or just fluff, maybe I can help you as I’ve reviewed the product, and this is what I found out.

Lets dig in to this Superior Songwriting Review

The Superior Songwriting system was developed by Melanie Alexander and her team so you can learn how to write songs. According to Melanie, this song writing training system includes everything from the basics to the most advanced concepts.

However, it doesn’t require any advanced knowledge on your part. In addition, the system doesn’t just focus on the creative aspects but the business side as well. According to Melanie, this feature alone makes it different from others in the market. Instead of just focusing on the writing process, you also learn how to market what you wrote.

Aside from the e-book you will also get three bonus programs.

• Bonus 1: Rhyme Master Pro – this is a rhyming dictionary, so if you want to use a particular word but it doesn’t rhyme with your song, type it in Rhyme Master Pro and it will find one that does.

superior songwriting rating

• Bonus 2: Songwriting Creativity – this one is all about unlocking your creativity and getting rid of that creative block. There are practical exercises included here to help you get over the hump and start writing good songs. This bonus covers methods for fleshing out songs and exercises to expand your vocabulary.


• Bonus 3: Singorama Mini Recording Studio Software – this is software that will help you determine how you sound. If you have plans on becoming a singer songwriter, then this software will help. It’s like having your own recording studio at home at the fraction of the cost of more powerful recording programs out there.


Benefits of Superior Songwriting

According to Melanie Alexander, Superior Songwriting will show you how successful songwriters prepare to write their songs, and you will also learn the ins and outs of the business. But there are other benefits too, which include the following:

  • How to capture the essence of a great song idea.
  • You learn how to get over songwriter’s block.
  • You learn how to write songs with confidence.
  • The step by step guide for marketing the songs you wrote is very informative.

There are other benefits that I can point out in this Superior Songwriting review such as how to create melodies, even if you have no idea how to play musical instruments. I also want to point out that the guide for submitting a package to publishing companies is very good. I also like the way it explains networking and why it is necessary.

There are many other benefits that I can mention but there’s one that needs to be mentioned here, and that is Superior Songwriting teaches you how to write songs with others and learn the principles of collaboration.

I also have to say that the e-book is very well written. She has done a great job in making the exercises easy to follow and understand. There are no technical terms here, and anyone can follow them. I admit I knew next to nothing about musical composition, but the instructions were clear even to me.

Other Superior Songwriting Reviews – What are People Saying?

I have read several reviews of the course, and most of them are very positive. Tyler Thomas for instance, wrote in his review that it “helped me write great, original songs” and the program also helped with the marketing.

superior songwriting reviewAnother reviewer at songwriting-guide.com said that “it covers all the vital aspects of songwriting” and is essential for those who “want to write songs for a living”. The reviewer also points out that it is a “solid” e-book with lots of useful information.

As these reviews indicate, a lot of people have used this course successfully. After reading all those reviews, it’s become clear to me that even those who have no knowledge whatsoever about writing songs benefit from it.

Many of the reviewers have also noted how easy the e-book is to read. I have also yet to read any complaints about the website’s service or problems with downloading the book and the bonuses.

Some Disadvantages

While a lot of reviews of Superior Songwriting are positive, there are a couple of drawbacks with the program. Well, they’re not exactly drawbacks, but I want to point out that the songwriting is still going to be up to you. The techniques are demonstrated but you still have to write. You have to put on some elbow grease so to speak.

The second is that it takes some time to learn the program. The basics are easy to pick up but you need to have discipline to go through the whole thing. If you don’t have discipline I’m afraid this isn’t for you.

Advice for Buyers

If you think Superior Songwriting is worth buying, you can order a copy at the official website. The link is at the end of this review. It’s available for $49.95 and comes with a money back guarantee good for 60 days. If you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it within that time period and get a full refund.

Not only is there a refund, but you can also keep the bonuses that are included with the main songwriting program. But I would like to warn you to buy only at official website. If you buy at the official site, there’s no shipping cost and you don’t have to worry about the product getting damaged.


I have never been fond of online songwriting programs, because most of them simply don’t work. But as I have pointed out in this Superior Songwriting review, I was floored by Singorama Superior Songwriting because it works as advertised. It uses innovative techniques that unleash your creativity and it’s easy enough for anyone to learn. For these reasons I give it a thumbs up and my full recommendation.

If you want to get a copy or read more information, then click here to go to the official site: http://singorama.com/songwriting/.

superiorsong writing reviews

Singorama Review – Everything You Need to Know

I know how frustrating it can be to deal with online singing programs on the web, as there’s so many and only a few are actually any good. One of the most popular right now is Singorama by Melanie Alexander. Yes, I know you’ve tried a lot of other singing vocal programs on the web, so what makes this one different? Well I decided to save you the trouble and did a thorough review and here’s what I found.

Ok, let Get started on the Singorama Review

Singorama ReviewSingorama is a vocal singing program developed by Melanie Alexander and her team of experts. According to Melanie, it is a program that won’t just teach you how to sing but also improve your tone, pitch and vocal range. This program will train you from the fundamentals of music theory to all the advanced singing methods.

What’s Included in the Package?

When you purchase this one of a kind vocal training program you will get several applications, which include the following:

  • Perfect Your Pitch Pro – this application will train your ear so you can get the right pitch every single time. This little nugget of a tool is designed to boost your singing talent. You will learn how to hear all 36 notes on the chromatic scale. Some have rated this tool as a game changer.
  • Singorama Mini-Recording Studio – this is a virtual mini recording studio. This software is another one of the many highlights that you will get from your purchase. This is a complete tool that will help you record yourself as you sing, listen to yourself, evaluate your performance, and then chart your progress as you learn different singing techniques.
  • The Ultimate Guide on How to Read Music – the ability to read music and understand the mechanics written down in a music sheet is no less than an indispensable skill. With this guide you will learn not just how to read the notes but understand the dynamics and other nuances indicated on sheet music. You can also identify certain points where you can tweak the musical piece to match your unique singing voice.

This is the Complete Package

Apart from these lessons, you will also get a lot of other powerful singing lessons that will boost your confidence and push your singing ability to professional levels.

You will learn vocal warm-ups that prepare your voice for powerful singing. This will also include exercises that will strengthen your vocal cords, and you will also learn how to focus on sounds and reach the right notes.

This vocal program also emphasizes on extending your vocal range, learn to sing one or more octaves higher. There will be tests that are specially designed for stretching your vocal cords. This of course will give you a distinct advantage over other wannabe singers. The lessons will ground you on the nuances of music theory which makes it easier for you to learn new songs.

The Benefits of Using Singorama

One of the primary benefits of this program, is the professional experience of its creator, Melanie Alexander. She is a recognized expert and one of the most renowned performers from the 90s. She and her girl band Girlfriend earned platinum and gold albums.

That means you are getting actual lessons that worked for her and her band that helped them become award winning talents. At one point they were the singing sensations in Australia during the height of their career and they were also acknowledged worldwide. That is the caliber that you will be taking advantage of.

But aside from that, Singorama will get the maximum performance out of your vocals. According to Melanie, Singorama is a vocal training program that allows you to select the exercises that will best improve your voice. The lessons she learned from her vocal coaches have been included in their entirety in the vocal training package.

In addition:

  • The exercises will expand your vocal range.
  • Singorama is very easy to follow so you can learn about vibrato and how to sing in harmony easily.
  • You don’t need any knowledge about song theory to follow the instructions.
  • You can use Singorama to record and sing original tracks.
  • There is a step by step guide for audition, something you rarely find in other singing programs.
  • Singorama provides free email consultation so if you have any problems, they will be there to help you.

The other major benefits of Singorama are core lessons which are very extensive. Just to give you an idea of what they cover, the lessons cover warm ups, breathing exercises, proper singing posture, getting the perfect pitch, tone and bad singing habits to avoid.

You will also learn vocal extension range training, rhythm, and singing in the major and minor keys. If you want to learn how to sing different genres Singorama also covers that and more. Other topics covered in these lessons include how to make people want to sing with you, understand songs and lyrics, and more.

Of course it isn’t enough to just read about its benefits, as reviews are very important too, so I decided to check it out.

Other Singorama Reviews – What People Say

A reviewer at greatreviewblog calls Singorama a “comprehensive self study” program” perfect for “people who want to study at home”.
The review also points out it is suitable for “singers of all stages and for newbies and even advanced singers”.

Sbwire also wrote a detailed review of the program, stating that it is “comprehensive guide developed by professional singers and performers” and provides “an efficient approach to…enhancing your voice.” The review further states the program can help both aspiring and professional artists.

I have also read reviews at blogspot.com and slidehare.net, and both of them have positive things to say about the program, noting that it offers more benefits than other singing methods online.

Based on these Singorama reviews it’s apparent that many people have used Singorama successfully. I have also yet to read a review or comment complaining about the payment or customer support.


Singorama has a lot of benefits, but I have to say that it’s not a perfect program. It has a few shortcomings, although none of them are too serious.

Also I have to point out that Singorama is not a miracle worker. If you think that the program will instantly turn you into a powerful singer, you will be disappointed. Make mistake about it, Singorama is only for those who are serious about learning.

Advice for Buyers

If you are interested in ordering a copy of the program after reading my Singorama review, you can order one at the official website. It’s available for $99.95. All major credit cards are accepted and after the payment is processed, you’ll be able to download it immediately.

There is no shipping cost, and you don’t have to wait days for the product to arrive since you can download the package. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee. I want to emphasize that if you’re going to buy, do so only at the official site. There are lots of fakes out there, so avoid those.

The Singorama Review Conclusion

As you can see in this Singorama review, it is an outstanding singing program. It thoroughly explores the different aspects of singing, and it’s very easy to follow and understand. There are a lot of topics covered but they’re all explained, and the bonuses are a nice touch. In short, this is a solid singing program and will teach what you need to know.

7 Tips for Proper Pitch and Key in Singing


If you’re having trouble singing in key it can be very frustrating and I know because I have been there. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it, as there are ways to improve your voice and achieve proper pitch. You may want to try some of these if you are having trouble.

7 Tips for Proper Pitch and Key in Singing

Tip # 1 – Chewing and Stretching

singer4Get rid of vocal tension by exercising your vocal cords and making exaggerated chewing motions, speaking or just singing random words. It will also help to perform some stretching exercises and also do some breathing exercises.

Tip – 2 – Breath Management

You should also breathe from your stomach. Think of it as a balloon filing up with your breath and then being released as you sing. This is one of the best ways to develop a proper pitch. One of the ways this can be mastered is by practicing deep breathing consistently.

Tip #3 – Posture is Important for Proper Pitch

Good posture is also required if you want to sing properly. Make sure you are standing up straight and keep your chest and shoulders lifted up. This is extremely important especially if you are just starting out.

Tip #4 – Train Your Ears

You should also train your ears to recognize the sounds of notes and then try to imitate it as well as you can. One of the ways to do this is to practice scales on your keyboard or piano and imitate it.

Tip #5 – Record Yourself

You may have heard this before but it bears repeating: by recording your voice you will learn how to analyze your pitch following your sessions. Always keep a copy of your recordings and compare them. In time that will help you achieve proper pitch.

Tip #6 – Tongue Management

If your tongue keeps flailing in your mouth your pitch will go awry so learn to keep your tongue set against your mouth’s bottom while you are singing. This can be difficult but you just need to work on this.

Tip #7 – Practice Every Day

Keep practicing singing every day as that is the only way you can improve. One of the reasons why people are not succeeding is the fact they give up too quickly. Just keep working on it. However, you must not overdo it. Give yourself time to relax and practice no more than an
hour or two a day.

I have to point that I have used these tips and they do work. However, I still felt that my progression was still not complete and that I can do much better. So id did a lot of research on the Internet and I eventually found this cool little program called the Superior Singing Method, which I believe can really help your singing.

What is the Singorama and how Will it Help me Get a Proper Pitch?

learn proper pitch with singoramaSingorama is an online vocal training system developed by 90s gold and platinum artist Melanie Alexander, a vocal singing coach multi awarded singer and artist. What struck me is that one of its modules actually explains how to improve your pitch. With Singorama you will learn how to develop your pitch and how to train your ear to hear pitching problems, vowel shaping, improving your tone and more.

I also went out and checked the reviews of the program as well as testimonials, and many of them have reported success with it. Jack Alba wrote on his blog that “thanks to Singorama I now have the confidence to sing” while Greg Randall wrote online that “the training videos really helped give me confidence to sing”.

As per these reviews and professionals, it seems that a lot of people have benefited from it and seen improvements with their vocals. I also watched some YouTube reviews from people who used the product and met success. It even helped people how to overcome stage fright.

Purchasing Advice

If you are interested in buying Singorama, you can get it from the official website. I would recommend that you go get this vocal training program now since they are selling it at a huge discounted price. It was originally priced at almost $300 but now they are selling the whole thing (software tools included) for only $49.

The offer is also backed by a 60 day money back guarantee. The Singorama team guarantees that you will see results in 60 days or less. If it doesn’t work out, you get a full refund.

Final Recommendation

After studying Singorama in depth, I have to give it a thumbs up. For just $67 it offers step by step instructions on how to become a professional singer, and not just on the proper pitch and key. Another reason why I have to recommend the program is that its creator, Melanie Alexander, is a vocal coach and multi-platinum awarded artist. She is the real deal and she knows exactly what it’s like being on stage and making the audience sing with her.

I also find the program to be comprehensive and the instructions are easy to follow. I also compared with similar programs and it is more detailed and easier to work with.

Good luck on your journey to proper pitch and a better singing voice!